Banting Diet, Everything You Need to Know – DO NOT Bant Until You Read This…

Mid 2015 only 2 Banting Diet Restaurant were open in South Africa, Today they are scattered around the whole country. It’s obvious to why.. This Banting Lifestyle works! Woolsworth, a grocery store recognized as selling organic food in South Africa has taken notice of the recent craze and now just like hundreds of other restaurants […]


  Weight loss Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Disappearance of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Normalised blood pressure Vastly improved sleep Please note that if you are on chronic medication, we recommend your physician monitors your medication from the moment you join the program. Banting often works so quickly that normal medication doses may become dangerous […]

Low-carb baby marrow rösti with scrambled eggs

“I confess that I am besotted with baby marrows. Whenever I visit Italy, I have the ‘vegetable side’ as my main dish,” says Sally-Ann Creed, author of new book, ‘Delicious Low Carb’. Marrows also make an excellent low-carb rosti. You’ll get around 8 röstis out of this recipe – use what you need for brunch […]