Ice cream doesn’t have to be a “cheat” food.
The Bulletproof Diet is designed to provide every possible health advantage.  It allowed me to keep six pack abs while eating 4500 calories a day, not exercising, while sleeping 5 hours a night.  It lowers blood pressure, melts fat, and adds muscle.  It works, but the real question is: “Can I have desert?”  Oh yes, but how? you may ask..
Typical ice cream has tons of sugar, and all sorts of other crap in it that many don’t consider a healthy choice.  A Bulletproof low carb ice cream recipe would solve all the problems that normal, high sugar, performance robbing, ice cream presents. This low carb ice cream recipe is actually really good for you because of all the good fats found in it and the lack of sugars.
Id like to introduce you to the only ice cream that me and my family ever have — “Get Some” Ice Cream.
That’s right.  About an hour after eating this special blend of high fat awesomeness, your body gets a signal that says, “I am in a land of plenty,” which translates, in evolution-speak to, “It is time to mate. NOW.” Women in particular are most impacted by this side effect of ice cream, but it also works on men. I’ve shared this recipe with enough people to be pretty sure I’m not just making this up. In fact, I had to make some of it this evening…
As I wrote about in the Better Baby Book, your genes are generally in one of two phases: growth mode and defense mode.  Your body goes into defense mode when faced with unnatural stress such as low fat, low calorie diets.  It starts to pay less attention to nonessential functions like, well, sex.  Not to mention that eating a high toxin diet could increase your risk of cancer.
Fat is one of the most satisfying foods on the planet.  Unfortunately, most ice cream doesn’t contain good fat, and it has lots of other crap in it.  Regular ice cream has loads of refined sugar, colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavors.  These compounds can cause mental problems, blood sugar crashes, and of course, fat gain.
That’s one reason I created a hormone boosting, muscle building, fat melting ice cream concoction that you can eat without having to call it a “cheat.”  The other reason is that I wanted to increase my wife’s (and my) fertility before we had children. I made this recipe to provide maximum taste without compromising health.  Ice cream is now a health food. This is my creation. It took literally hundreds of test batches to get this right. I consider it to be Paleo-friendly, but some disagree that cavemen ate my choice of healthy sweeteners. That’s true – they didn’t have ice cream makers either!
Note: I use a scale for my cooking experiments.  I’ve provided conversions for the usual kitchen measuring devices.

“Get Some” Ice Cream – A Low Carb Ice Cream Miracle


  • 4 whole eggs (pastured of course)
  • 4 yolks (in addition to the whole eggs above)
  • 2 tsp vanilla (I use Vanillamax)
  • 1 gram vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or 10 drops apple cider vinegar or lime juice to taste.
  • 100 grams (7 tbs) grass-fed butter
  • 100 grams (7tbs) coconut oil (or substitute half  Upgraded Cacao Butter for amazing taste)
  • 50 grams (3tbs + 2tsp) XCT oil (important for consistency)
  • 80 grams (5.5tbs) xylitol or erythritol (or more to taste – you can add up to 160 grams if you want)
  • ~100 grams water or ice (just under 1/2 cup; add less than you think you need, then increase the amount).
  • (optional) 1/4 to 1/2 cup of low-toxin Upgraded Chocolate powder


  1. Blend everything but the water/ice in blender. It takes a while to get the butter blended into perfect creaminess.
  2. Add water or ice and blend some more until well blended. Ideally, you want a yogurt-like consistency for creamy ice cream, or add more water for a firmer, icier texture
  3. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and turn it on.

This will make perfect consistency ice cream.  Then you and your partner can enjoy it, give it about an hour for the magic to start happening 😉
The feeling of vibrance this brings most people (who can digest fat; if you give it to your vegan partner, you need to add lipase and betaine.  If you don’t, their pancreas will panic from being forced to make real amounts of lipase for the first time in years…), along with a boost in hormones results in an intense wave of vitality…
Being a happily married Bulletproof Executive, I’ve used this recipe for years.  It’s a part of our fertility plan in the Better Baby Book.  But it’s also far more effective – and pleasurable – than using alcohol to seduce someone.  What woman or man wouldn’t feel taken care of when their partner hands them a bowl of the creamiest, richest ice cream ever, hand-made just to seduce them?
My lovely carnivorous wife would eat me alive if I tried to test this formula on other women.  As a result, I was reduced to giving the recipe to friends and waiting for the results. Perhaps Simone Syed, the very sexy transhumanist co-founder of the BIL Conference and high-fat nutrition carnivore said it best: “Oh, and trust me… The boyfriends are well aware that Paleo ice cream makes girls happy!!!”

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