I’m a little bit of a keto bread freak, but only because my readers love keto bread so much! YOU guys love keto bread, so why don’t I get really dam good at creating the best keto bread rolls recipes, so that you don’t have to right? – Challenge accepted.

Keto Bread Rolls

Being a healthy kid my whole life!

As kids, I remember Mum would make our lunches (I also have a brother and sister, (and two step brothers)). We would be sent to school with lunches that were not the same as other kids. I’d have carrot sticks instead of stringy cheese, or a packet of nuts instead of roll-ups. The butter on my sandwiches was always a mix of butter, and whatever the latest oil craze was: flaxseed, cod liver… you name it!

Ashlee – Alex – and ME!

To be honest, I didn’t really worry so much about my lunches as a kid. I was too busy trying to scoff it down the fastest so I could go play soccer, or fly paper airplanes! Mum was secretly teaching me good nutrition from the start, even though on some occasions I did just want to scull an entire bottle of soft drink, or somehow end up with enough lollies to stash away for the entire year!
Looking back now, I was probably one of the healthiest kids in my grade. I had outgrown my peers by a head height, and stayed that way each year until I was taller than all the teachers by grade 5. Genes probably helped, but good nutrition definitely aided the process to reach my growing potential.

My Early Education

As with all my siblings, I attended a Rudolf Steiner School. If you haven’t heard of this school before, It’s basically a curriculum based around creative arts, music drama. You have the same teacher from grade 1 right through to grade 7, and by the time I had reached grade 7, we only had 9 students in our grade. Some kids can suffer from being in a school that is not a “teacher-disciplines-student” regimented learning, but most kids including myself thrived on learning through the creative process.
We knew our teacher (Allan) by his real first name, and had more of a peer to peer relationship with him. He is still one of my greatest role models.

My New Recipe Book
keto recipe book

The education system is in need for a make-over. For creative children, the Steiner School is a role model in the way it teaches kids not only what to learn, but HOW to learn – the how part is crucial for later life. I highly recommend this type of schooling for anyone, not just creative kids, because we would also learn how to step out of our comfort zones very often.

Keto Bread RollsKeto Bread Rolls

Keto Bread Rolls + Mind Health Matters!

Sorry, I got carried away. Back to Mum – My Mum Kathy, or Kathryn – has always been a solid influence on my nutritional understandings, as she studied health sciences and became a naturopath herself. As we were kids, I would be diagnosing children in my class with magnesium and zinc deficiencies. Mum would always get a call from another parent saying “Aaron said to my son that he needs zinc… Is it true that my son needs zinc?” haha!
She’s worked for the largest vitamin companies in Australia, but has also just started her own online consultancy. You can check out her website here.

She’ll be doing more online coaching for FatForWeightLoss in the very near future!
Towards the end of last year, my Mum discovered these fantastic little bread rolls that were gluten free, paleo friendly, low carb and dairy free. From being kids, I knew that these bread rolls would be rock hard, devoid of taste and possibly even break teeth. To my utter surprise, they were super soft and tasted delicious!
The only problem, they don’t sell them locally. If only we could figure out how to make these rolls ourselves. Well, mission accepted!

Recipe Testing

At first, I thought the spongy soft texture that these bread rolls have would have come from Xanthan Gum, but Psyllium Husk Powder was actually the winner in this recipe. It holds together the almond flour and baking powder, acting almost like inflated bubble gum as the bread expands.
Hot water was also the sneaky trick with this recipe. I’ve attempted this without warm water before, and they just don’t work quite as well.
These keto bread rolls can be eaten straight from the oven, with some beetroot and fetta dip (recipe coming soon), or saved in the fridge or freezer for lunches during the week when you are sick of eating the typical keto deconstructed meals.

Keto Bread RollsKeto Bread Rolls


The main ingredients in these bread rolls are Almond Meal (or flour), Golden Flax Seeds and Eggs. So let’s have a look at what nutrients those main ingredients bring to our discovery.

Omega 3

Flaxseeds and almond flour contains a large amount of Omega 3 Fats. Omega 3’s helps the cell membrane receptors to create important hormones in the body. Omega 3’s also helps with heart disease, keeping a steady rhythm, whilst also lowering blood pressure and actual heart rate.

Vitamin B12

Eggs are little micronutrient powerhouses. They contain many types of important essential micronutrients, specifically good amounts of Vitamin B12. This micronutrient is responsible for healthy red blood cells and keeping your nerve cells healthy by protecting your myelin sheath. It’s also required in the metabolism of a compound called homocysteine, which is a marker for inflammation in the body.

Riboflavin, Manganese and Copper

Found in Almond flour and eggs, these micronutrients are important to creating energy for the body. No wonder people feel so energised on the ketogenic diet!
I hope you enjoy this keto bread rolls recipe, and find their fluffy texture a godsend to the prior bread “bricks” from yesteryear!

Watch The Recipe Video

Breakfast With Only 5 Carbs
Dessert in Five

Low Carb / Keto Bread Rolls
I’m a little bit of a keto bread freak, but only because my readers love keto bread so much! YOU guys love keto bread, so why don’t I get really dam good at creating the best keto bread roll recipes, so that you don’t have to right? – Challenge accepted.
Course Lunch, Snack
Cuisine Ketogenic
Prep Time 10 Mins
Cook Time 50 Mins
Nutrition Per Serving
Calories 215kcal
Net Carbs 5g
Fats 13g
Protein 12g
Keto Bread Rolls
  1. Preheat the oven to 375 F (180C).
  2. Get 2 mixing bowls, Both medium (or 1 medium, 1 large). In medium sided mixing bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients (Almond Flour, Golden Flax Seed Meal, Baking Soda, Salt and Psyllium Husk Powder).
  3. Pro tip – If you don’t have golden flax seed meal, you can use normal flaxseeds as well. I used a cheap electric coffee grinder to pulse the seeds down to a meal consistency.
  4. In the second bowl, add the egg whites and beat them with an electric beater. Slowly add the apple cider vinegar once the egg whites become fluffy.
  5. Next, combine the eggs with the dry ingredients. Slowly add the hot water until the mixture starts to form a dough.
  6. Split the dough into 5 pieces and roll into balls. Place on a tray lined with parchment paper (baking paper) and cook for approximately 50 mins.

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