10 Things NOT To Say To Someone With Chiari / Syringomyelia

This was borrowed by Teresa Petersen on Wednesday, 09 March 2011 at 15:49 from Face book after B.Brookes posted it in Karens chiari friends…..I had to share with u all and hope u add to the list : )
10. MUST BE NICE 2 SLEEP ALL DAY…. (I never sleep, I’m in too much pain)
9. YOU’RE LUCKY U DON’T HAVE 2 WORK…. (I’d love to work again, a-hole)
8. I CAN RELATE….. (no, no, no you can’t relate, call me when you have had your entire backside cracked open like a lobster)
7. JUST TAKE SOMETHING…. (what else could I possibly take? I’m on every medication known to mankind)
6. JUST TRY HARDER…. (to do what?)
5. JUST BE POSITIVE…. (this IS me being POSITIVE)
4. U JUST WANT ATTENTION….. (that’s right, I had 7 hours of neuro surgery, and 12 other surgeries, JUST for ATTENTION)
3. IT’S ALL IN UR HEAD….. (duh, yes it IS!)
2. IT COULD BE WORSE….. (it IS worse)
1. BUT U LOOK GOOD, are you sure they diagnosed you correctly?……… (just walk away)

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