The process of weight loss can be a challenge to some people, especially if there is an important event like weddings, parties, etc. But here we offer you a way to get rid of some pounds a look amazing in your outfit.
You have tried or come across different products for fast slim down. This is something that we cannot avid because the market nowadays offers many products that promise a lot and that can give you the wanted results and the desired body shape. It is very important for you to focus on a longer-lasting, healthier and better weight loss approach.
The health experts claim that the combination of well-balanced and healthy diet with a regular routine of workout is the safest and fastest way to lose weight. It is very important never to skip a meal, consume food at non-regular times or expose the body to starvation. Three healthy meals a day at regular intervals is the best way for weight loss.
Also, it is important to be realistic about the weight loss expectations. Set a realistic target before you start the weight loss program and it will be easier for you to achieve. Do not forget that you can just push the body to a strenuous workout routine and healthy and well balanced diet plan.
The General Motors- diet plan is very popular diet plan and it is the fastest way to lose weight naturally without any diet pills or health supplements. General Motors has created this plan (GM Diet Plan) for people who are bound to desk or students as it improves the overall well-being. This diet plan is beneficial of all age groups and most of them who have tried it say that you can lose eight kg. of your weight in a week.
It is very important to remember that the most important thing about the weight loss process is that you shouldn’t starve, because if you do starve, it will give you a counter effect and instead of losing pound you will gain them. This weight loss plan recommends the right food amount that you can intake so you will always feel full.

1st Day:

The first day is the most important day in this General Motors diet plan method. On this day, you are allowed to consume only fruit, according to the regiment. You should also avoid bananas but you should include cantaloupe and watermelons. You should also consume eight to twelve glasses of water in this day. You should not eat other food, not even boiled or raw vegetables. You should eat different kinds of fruits during the day. When you will feel hungry, you can drink more water and eat more fruits.

2nd Day:

The 1st day was about the fruit intake, while the 2nd day is limited to vegetables. You can consume vegetables as many as you can, either cooked or raw, all day long. You should not use any oil when you cook the vegetables. It is highly recommended to consume boiled vegetables. You can eat even potatoes, but boiled potatoes early in the morning so the carbohydrates can burn during the day. You can also consume: boiled cabbage, lettuce, boiled bottle and ridge gourd, cucumber, broccoli, cooked and raw carrot, cooked beans and so on. The recommended water intake is eight to twelve glasses.

3rd Day:

On this day you can consume vegetables and fruits all day long. But this day you should not eat bananas and potatoes. It is important to consume the fruit in the morning, the vegetables in the afternoon and again fruits in the evening. If you are hungry at night you can eat both, vegetables or fruit. But do not forget to consume eight to twelve glasses of water during the third day.

4th Day:

The fourth day is milk and banana day and on this day you should’ve at least eight to ten bananas throughout the day and only three glasses of milk. In order to feel full the all day, distribute the milk and the bananas evenly during the day. Try to consume one banana and a glass of milk in the morning, couple of bananas at noon and it will be a great way to start the fourth day. Take one glass of milk and 2 bananas for lunch and you can also take two to three bananas in the evening. At night you can take a glass of milk and a couple of bananas.

5th Day:

This day of the General Motors diet plan method is a feast day. This day you can eat one cup of rice for your lunch and six to seven tomatoes during the day. It is recommended to increase the water consumption to twelve to fifteen glasses per day because there is a risk of the body to produce a lot of uric acid.

6th Day:

The sixth day is also a feast day of this GM diet plan. On this day you can eat one cup of rice for your lunch and vegetables for the rest of the day. It is also very important to drink eight to twelve glasses of water. As it is the pre-last day of this regiment you should feel much lighter. Also, the digestive system would be significantly improved.

7th Day:

This is the last day of this diet plan and you are allowed to eat one cup of rice and any fruit and veggies of your choice.  By this day you will have lost weight significantly.
This amazing regiment will give you many health benefits such as improved digestion, better hair and skin quality and many others. The best results would be about four or five kg. less or even more.
You do not have to starve your body to get the desired weight. Try this amazing GM diet plan as it is the fastest and healthiest weight loss regiment and enjoy the wanted results gained only in a week.

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