Bikers Escort Teen With Down Syndrome To His First Day Of High School

Bullying has become a widespread epidemic, and it seems like no one is safe. Sadly, people with special needs are often targeted by vicious bullies.
Sean Maehrer is a young man who has Down syndrome. As Sean prepared to enter his freshman year of high school, his mother couldn’t help but worry about him. Would Sean be picked on for being different? Would he be emotionally or physically hurt?
His family and friends reached out for help and support on Facebook. They expressed their concerns about Sean getting picked on on his first day of high school — and word quickly spread.
On the morning of September 1, 2015, a group of unlikely heroes pulled up in front of Sean’s house and changed his life forever…

Sean was getting ready for his first day of high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Because he has Down syndrome, Sean’s loved ones were worried about him being bullied by his new classmates. So, they took to Facebook to find some extra support.
Word spread quickly…

wn for their support of US troops and veterans, heard about the Facebook post. In just two days, they managed to organize a very special escort for Sean on his first day of school.
On the morning of September 1, 2015, dozens of motorcyclists pulled up in front of his house.

Neighbors popped out of their homes, one by one, to witness the incredible moment Sean met his new biker friends.
Though these men and women are kindhearted and peaceful, it’s only natural that their leather jackets, tattoos, and burley muscles instill intimidation in would-be bullies.
The bikers wanted to send a message to the students to think twice before messing with their new friend Sean. The goal was to make Sean one of the coolest kids in school and let everyone know that they would have his back.

Sean’s parents were overwhelmed by the support. They never could have imagined Sean’s first day of high school would be so special.

The bikers even gave Sean his very own customized motorcycle helmet.

Sean’s mother was in tears as she watched the bikers escort her son to school.

kindness continued long after Sean’s first day. To this day, the bikers attend Sean’s soccer games and cheer him on from the stands.

Sean has made friends — and the ultimate protectors — for life.
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