5 Minute Morning Fat Blaster

Before you decide to burn off extra body fat you MUST first find the proper way how to do it. Think about jump starting your metabolism, beginning in the morning.
The workout lasts only 5 minutes, and the detailed instructions you’ll get from the video bellow. By doing it you will get your metabolism going and keep it going all day!
The main point of this workout is to perform it before you eat breakfast, which will put your body in fat-burning mode and your body will respond
Star Jumps
Keeping everything up, your knees just go up and down, squeezing your glutes and jumping higher to raise your heart rate.
If is too difficult for you jumping, you can just go up and down bending your knees.
Perform 15 reps
Side crunch
Start laying on side on your elbow, crunching trough sides. It burns the quads and glutes, which can burn calories and fat
Perform 10 reps on each side
Push – ups
Start in standard push-ups position, keeping elbows in and your ribcage belly tight. It works for multiple muscle groups at one time
Perform 10 reps.
If it is too hard for you to perform push-ups on your knees.
Jump Squat out ‘N In
Keep your chest up.
Perform 15 reps

  • Repeat Side crunch – 15 times
  • Repeat Push – ups 10 times
  • Repeat Jump squats – 15 times
  • Repeat Side crunch – 10 times
  • Repeat Push – ups – 10 times
  • Repeat Jump squats – 15 times

That will really burn your heart, fat and calories.

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