Its very frustrating not being able to lose weight when you think you have done everything you possibly can to stay on the straight and narrow…but have you really?
Here’s a little Checklist of what could be the issue…
1. You’re losing centimeters, but the scale doesn’t reflect it.
In the first few weeks, we often lose a lot – its awesome and all, but its often water weight.
What can you do?
Ditch the scale and use the measuring tape as your guide to weigtloss.
2. You’re overstressed.
What’s that, you say? Well, unfortunately it’s true. Stress releases cortisol which elevates cravings and hunger.
What can you do?
Take care of your body AND mind. Do something that relaxes you – go for a walk, watch a movie, meditate…and try to leave the negative behind you.
3. You’re just not sleeping enough.
Studies have been done regarding weight gain and insomnia. Its best to get a good nights rest as being tired makes us also leaves you feeling leas motivated to eat properly.
What can you do?
Well, that depends on what you’re currently doing. If you’re having a lot of coffee, don’t. We don’t suggest having more than 2-3 cups per day anyway, and perhaps if you’re having issue, try not to have any in the afternoon. If that’s not your issue, don’t do any strenuous activities for the last few hours before bed, and try to keep to a routine at bed time. Magnesium deficiencies are also said to cause insomnia…so perhaps that’s something to look into! (Consult your doctor).
4. You’re snacking too much.
We are all used to the habit of nibbling on something during the day. Often during lchf, that snack is nuts. Nuts is very calorie dense and can be easy to overeat on if you’re snacking on it all day.
What can you do?
Cut out the snacking. Have a glass of water if you feel the need go snack.
5. Medical issues are getting in your way.
Often, there’s an underlying medical condition we aren’t aware of. Thyroid issues is one, but that’s not all. If you’re on medication for an existing condition, have a look at the side effects of your medication. If any of them are possible weight gain, or if you feel there is an underlying cause for your weight issues, something needs to be done.
What can you do?
Make an appointment with your doctor to either have your medication changed, or get tests done to check, for instance, thyroid function.
6. You’re red listing (cheating).
If you are, its sun a bad idea – I really can’t emphasize this enough. Not only can it stall your weight loss, or cause weight gain, it can lead to health problems.
What can you do?
Don’t cheat!!
7. You’re having too much dairy.
Yes yes I know…dairy is life. This I would say is last resort, but I’ll tell you why it happens. Dairy not only has fat, but protein too. The specific protein co rained in dairy has the ability to spike insulin more than most things.
What can you do?
Well. The answer is kind of obvious, but yes. Cut down on your dairy by substituting milk for coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk and Cream for coconut cream. Butter is fine as it has trace amounts of lactose and protein in…
8. Your portions aren’t right.
We need to be getting most of our calories from fat, some from meat and little from vegetables. That doesn’t mean eating a little bit of vegetables and loading up on fats. Fats are calorie dense – your plate should look to have 70% very low carb veg, 20% protein, 10% fat on it. But calorie wise those figures should be reversed. (These portions can vary a little…but you get the idea).
What can you do?
To optimize weight loss and make sure you’re getting what your body needs, download the app called carb wise. Available on iTunes and Play Store.
9. You’re going into the orange too much.
The thing about the orange list is that it lends itself to personal interpretation. How often is “occasional”? For me, that could mean once a month, for someone else, that could mean a few times a week.   Its not so much the orange list vegetables as it is the orange list fruits.
What can you do?
If you’re going to have fruit occassionally, opt for berries. Otherwise, try sticking to the green list more often.
10. Its not only about the carbs.
Sometimes products have 0g net carbs in them so some say they’re fine. Well, they’re not- especially where it comes to things like diet drinks. Studies have been done on them – and how they can cause weight gain!
What can you do?
Cut down on the sweetness. Have the occasional banting cake or dessert, but try not to make it a part of your everyday life.

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