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Whenever low-carb diets are discussed in the United States and around the world these days, generally one name has been made synonymous with them–Atkins. However, most low-carbers will tell you that the idea of livin’ la vida low-carb as a genuine dietary movement has been around for much longer than that as the always entertaining and informative Dr. Mike Eades shared in his outstanding blog this week.
Dr. Eades discusses the significant role of a man named William Banting (someone who should be as well-known as Dr. Robert C. Atkins) whose life was forever changed when he began implementing the strategy of consuming less sugar and starch which was diametrically opposite to the low-calorie dietary recommendations of his day.
Sound familiar anyone?
Yep, here’s a man who was espousing the very same low-carb dietary ideas that we do today regarding taking personal responsibility about your own health and rejecting the advice of the so-called “experts” who have chosen either willfully or through utter ignorance to reject the very principles of sound nutritional science. What’s most amazing is he did it nearly 150 YEARS AGO!!!
You may not have ever heard of William Banting and his famous low-carb diet classic “Letter On Corpulence” before, but all that’s about to change thanks to the generosity of Dr. Eades who said in my interview with him last year that low-carb has endured because of Banting’s discovery. Because of the importance of this low-carb masterpiece, Dr. Eades has undertaken the meticulous task of scanning this very short 45-page letter which was made into a small book and he put it online for us at NO CHARGE! WOW!
Get your FREE COPY OF THIS BOOK and keep it handy when you hear people refer to the low-carb lifestyle as a “dangerous fad” diet that will ruin your health. Tell these people about Banting and the miraculous turnaround that livin’ la vida low-carb produced in his life back in the 1800’s. In the early 1970’s, Dr. Atkins certainly took up where Banting left off, but Banting was the one who put low-carb on the map so to speak.
You can read this letter in about 15-20 minutes and it is chock full of some amazing nuggets of truth and wisdom which Dr. Eades highlighted in this outstanding blog post. Plus, there will be a renewed interest in Banting himself when people start reading the new book from Gary Taubes coming out next month called Good Calories, Bad Calories (UNBELIEVABLE, by the way, and I’ve learned so much from it that even I wasn’t aware of!) because the prologue highlights how Banting started it all! Go ahead and tell people about Banting’s letter now and let’s get the conversation started.
Opportunities to receive quality low-carb resources like this one at no cost to you are extremely rare, so please take advantage of this by printing it out and putting it in a notebook for your low-carb library. Be sure to give a hearty THANKS to Dr. Mike Eades for scanning each page and then making it available to us as yet another tool in helping to educate others about the amazingly healthy low-carb lifestyle!

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