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The Banting diet has gained huge popularity recently due to the significant success many people have had eating this way.
William Banting Weight LossIt all began with the remarkable weight loss experienced by an overweight William Banting after being prescribed this diet by his doctor William Harvey in 1862.
Due to the startling weight loss experienced by William Banting on this low-carb, high-fat diet, all major European & North American medical schools adopted the “banting” diet as the standard treatment for weight loss.
This only lasted until it was excluded from all the major medical & nutritional textbooks in 1959 in favour of the high carb, low fat diet which has since led to massive obesity on a global level.
This so called healthy diet was contrary to what human beings were designed to eat when they arrived on earth & according to respected biologists, geneticists, paleo-anthropologists human genes have hardly changed since then.
This means that the human biology should do best on low-carb, high-fat diets as per the Banting & Paleo diets.

How Does the Banting Diet Allow You To Lose Weight?

Essentially the Banting diet restricts the amount of carbohydrate you eat which helps reduce hunger & cravings.
People with type-2 diabetes (T2D), or those who are pre-diabetic, will especially feel the benefits from this type of eating as it helps stabilise blood sugar levels which can be responsible for feelings of hunger.
Furthermore, when carbohydrate intake is reduced, it promotes ketosis which is the body’s process of breaking down fat tissues & creating ketone bodies in the blood which it uses as an alternative energy fuel for the body (instead of using glucose which it would get from carbs).
Therefore, by utilising the body’s fat reserves for its energy requirements, weight & fat is reduced which makes the Banting diet so effective for weight loss.

Tip: One of the secrets to losing weight on the Banting or Paleo diets is to be organised & have enough real food in the pantry & a good resource of LCHF recipes on hand.
Not having an extensive range of healthy recipe options available makes it very easy to slip back to your old eating habits & once you do this you’re on the slippery slope to weight gain & obesity…

10 Do’s & Don’ts Of Banting

Real Banting Foods

Real Banting Foods

  1. Don’t eat any sugars, grains, wheat, gluten, cereals, etc..
  2. Don’t eat any simple carbs including white bread, white rice, pasta, potatoes, dishes made with flour, etc..
  3. Don’t eat any sweets, pastries, fizzy drinks, processed foods, junk foods, cakes, etc..
  4. Don’t consume or cook with vegetable oils such as sunflower oil – rather use olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, etc..
  5. Don’t use sweeteners (or honey, it’s just about as bad as sugar)
  6. Don’t eat too much fruit as it has a high sugar content (especially bananas) – Fruit is on theBanting Orange List of Foods
  7. Do eat plenty of protein including
    •    Chicken (free range)
    •    Fish
    •    Eggs (free range)
    •    Beef (grass fed)
    •    Raw unsalted nuts (not peanuts as they are legumes which are a no-no on Banting & Paleo)
    •    Biltong (Jerky)
  8. Do eat plenty of green leafy vegetables (organic is best), carrots, butternut (rather than pumpkin)
  9. Do eat salads
  10. Do eat healthy fats such as butter (grass fed), olive oil, coconut oil, etc..

Parting Words…

Don’t forget, losing weight is all about hunger control & not so much about portion control.

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