When I decided to take the plunge and start Banting, my very good friend Shireen gave me all the information I needed to get started successfully on the LCHF lifestyle journey. I share those tips and some more I’ve added with you now…
1:What can you eat? Go to the Real Meal Revolution Green List for a list of items you should be eating. There’s an orange list you can eat from occasionally and a red list you should avoid completely.
2:What about things that aren’t on the lists? Go to google and search “how much carbs in xyz” and you will find out how many carbs an item has. It should have 5g or less per 100g to be considered green.
3:How much carb should I be eating? If you’re trying to lose weight or are in any way unhealthy, you should eat no more than 25g of carb a day.
4:Don’t be afraid of fat! The secret to successfully Banting is eating enough fat for you. How much is enough? If your breakfast keeps you going for 8-12 hours, it’s enough fat. If you find yourself needing to have lunch or snack, up the fat content.
5:How often should you eat? Twice a day is plenty. Eat only when you are hungry, don’t eat because the hour hand is somewhere on the clock!
6:How can I make sure I’m eating right? There’s an excellent app called My Fitness Pal which allows you to enter details of what you’re eating and then see the nutritional breakdown. It’s a good idea to use this for a week or two, logging all your food, so you get a feel for whether you’re eating correctly.
7:How can I calculate what I’m supposed to be eating? Go to the keto calculator here, enter all your info and the calculator will give you your proportions and amounts of fat, carb and protein to be eating. For more info about what percentages you should be eating of fat, protein and carb, click here…
8:What size should my portions be? You’ll find over the course of a few days of eating high fat, you’ll start getting full quickly and you’ll start adjusting your portion sizes. Rule of thumb … Only eat when hungry and only until you are full.
9:How much weight can I expect to lose? Remember that Banting is a lifestyle change with the focus on health, it’s not a diet, so focus on how you feel and the positive changes you experience in your body first, and weight loss second. That being said, most people tend to lose about 1kg a week when they start Banting.
10:Take the time to measure yourself. On weeks where the scale doesn’t move much check those measurements, you may find you’ve lost centimeters even though the scale hasn’t moved much and this will help motivate you. At the end of the day it’s how we look and feel that should be important, not the number on the scale.
Educate yourselves, read what you can find, have a good understanding of what banting is all about … You’re the only one responsible for your diet and health.
Listen to your body and be aware of changes, within days of starting banting the lifestyle became about the positive changes we were experiencing, the weight loss is frankly a bonus.

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