5 Day Carb Wise Meal Plan For Weight Loss – 5 Fats, 3 Protein, 1 Carb

This is a 5 day meal plan that is specifically worked out to be approximate values for the carb wise app for the portions of 5 Fats, 3 Proteins and 1 Carb.
Download the app here for Android devices
or here for Apple Devices.
Screenshots of the Meal Portions on the Meal Plans portion of the App:

Budget Low Carb $25 Seven Day, Three Meals Daily Dollar Tree Menu For One

Pretend you’re broke, or maybe you are. Maybe you paid all your bills this week and you’re left with $50. All you have in your fridge is some butter or a saved jar of bacon fat, a few packets of leftover soy sauce from the Chinese restaurant, and some salt and pepper. Do you run out and grab a few pounds of rice and beans and some Ramen or do you do your best to make yourself up a menu that fits your low carb lifestyle? My hope for you is that you pick the latter choice. I also hope this blog entry helps inspire you to see that low cost low carbing is possible.
That being said, this is a menu for one. It will make three meals a day for a week, based on the idea that you eat half for dinner and save the other half for lunch the next day. The recipes could be doubled, or they could be shared as just dinners with a second person. Personally, I found, as I cooked and ate the food, that it was more than I needed to satisfy my hunger. In fact, I bought and set aside particular items to have as snacks, and didn’t eat them. You also need access to a dollar tree that sells cooler/frozen foods, the bigger the selection, the  better. These are items that are sold in the Dollar Tree stores around Birmingham, and they sell similar items in other places.
Before I start, I want to say a couple of things.
I picked Dollar Tree for a few reasons. Out of curiosity, because there are some cool, LC items you can get there, and because sometimes when you’re broke, you don’t have the gas money for going to three or four stores to buy the sale items there. That’s how broke I’ve been.
This is not a Paleo menu, it is not an organic menu, and it is not a gourmet menu. There may even be some gluten in there somewhere. There are processed meats. Nothing is fresh. It’s a menu designed to get someone through a week on a $25 budget. If you need certain things, like coffee, creamer, and sweetener, you can find those at the Dollar Tree, but the creamer won’t be sugar free. They do sell half n half, which isn’t ideal because of the milk, but doesn’t have sugar. So, if you have to have those things, throw in three extra bucks.
The recipes are simple, easy to cook, and taste good.
Snacks are pork rinds, sunflower seeds, olives, pickles, and string cheese.
You could make all of these on Sunday if you wanted, and then package them for the week.
Some of them will make leftovers, not a huge amount, but I actually ate this exact food for a week and I didn’t go hungry. I didn’t even need snacks most days. It all depends on your appetite. There will also be some items that you have left in your pantry to roll over into your next week’s menu.
I don’t mind foraging some, so just for funsies, I went outside and cut a handful of those wild onions that grow everywhere to add to some of the recipes for bulk and for some mild, onion flavor. I like them, and they were free. However! Unless you know for certain that you have onions, don’t try this at home.
Please do your own nutritional counts.
My grocery purchases were these:
One bag of pork rinds
Two bags of frozen veggie mix
One bag of frozen peppers and onions
One bag of frozen spinach
One package of frozen tilapia filets
One chub of frozen breakfast sausage
One two pack of frozen chicken legs
Two 3 oz packages of shredded mozzarella (Make sure it’s real cheese, not the fake stuff)
One 3 oz package of shredded cheddar (again, real)
One three pack of string cheese
3 half dozen cartons of eggs
A bottle of real mayonnaise
A package of walnuts
A jar of pickles
A can of mackerel
A can of tuna
A bag of shelled sunflower seeds
A jar of Rinaldi pizza sauce (read your labels! Rinaldi does not have added sugar.)
A shaker of parmesan (get the smaller one, the big can is “cheese product”)
A can of black olives
A package of pepperoni slices
Breakfast first.
You want your breakfast sausage, a six pack of eggs, and a cup of the frozen pepper mix.
Brown the sausage and scramble the eggs with the peppers, the stir it all together and keep it in a bowl. Dip some out each morning and heat it up for breakfast. Easy.
Next up: Tuna salad
Take your tuna, add 3 Tablespoons of mayo, add some cut up pickles, the package of walnuts, and salt and pepper. Boil two eggs.
Cook about two cups of the veggie mix you picked (these are variable, depending on your selection) I used the California blend because it was the only broccoli/cauli combo they had, then I picked out the carrots. Put half the tuna, one egg, and half the veggies for dinner, and pack the other half for tomorrow.
Spinach Florentine
Preheat oven to 400.
Thaw the whole package of spinach, put it in a mixing bowl with about 1/4 cup of mayo and 1/4 cup of parmesan, plus some salt and pepper. Put it in a small baking dish and crack four eggs on top. Salt and pepper the eggs, put in the oven, and bake for 20 minutes. You could shorten the baking time to 10-12 minutes if you wished for a runny yolk, but I like my eggs yolks firm. Serve half per meal for two separate meals. I had some sunflower seeds for a snack.
Stir Fry
There will probably be two small tilapia fillets in the package of fish. Cook them in a skillet and set them aside. If you have some bacon fat or a little butter, add that and some salt and pepper and dump half the bag of stir fry mix, minus about a half cup, into the pan and cook it till the veggies are soft and no longer frozen. Split it between two dishes, add a string cheese for a little extra protein and fat, and enjoy.
Pizza cups
This was, by far, my favorite, and it made three meals worth of food.
Preheat oven to 350
Take the pepperoni (notice that I bought the large, sandwich sized, slices. This is important.) and put one in each well of a twelve cup muffin tin. Add a Tablespoon or so of the Rinaldi pizza sauce to the top of each one. If there were extra pepperonis, chop them up and add a few to each up. Slice a few olives and add to each cup, I added some wild onions, you could get that bag of frozen pepper mix and add a few bits of chopped pepper and onion from it here. Put a little parmesan on them and top with the shredded mozzarella and bake for 15 or so minutes till they look right. And by right, I mean like this. Make a cup of your frozen veggies to eat with them.
Fish croquettes
Open the fish and drain the liquid. I don’t bother with picking out the bones.
Empty the fish into a big bowl. Add the bag of shredded cheddar (the dollar tree bags are 3-4 ounce sized), add two eggs, about 1/3 cup of mayo, crush enough pork rinds finely to equal half a cup of crumbs, salt and pepper to taste, and I included about half a cup of wild onions. Mix it all together and shape the mix into three or four patties and cook them in a skillet till they have a nice crust on one side, then flip and do the same on the other side. I used a little bacon grease with these.
When these were finished, I tossed a cup of frozen veggies into the skillet and cooked them in the leftover fat. Remember to divide your meal into two dishes.
Peppers and eggs
This recipe is as simple as it sounds. You heat and cook the peppers in your skillet, then break the eggs in and scramble them together. I learned this from a youtube show about depression era cooking.
Chicken soup
Take the two pack of chicken legs and put them in a medium pot first thing in the morning. Cover them with water and boil for maybe an hour, take them out, take the meat off the bones and refrigerate it, beak the bones in half and put them back in the water and simmer them all day on low with the lid on. It won’t be an extremely rich chicken broth, but it will make a nice enough soup broth. After 3-4 hours, strain it to get any bone pieces out, add the chicken back in, add about 1/3 cup of that pizza sauce for some flavor, then add about 2-3 cups of whatever vegetables you have left from the frozen veggies you’ve been eating on all week. Season with salt and pepper, and you have enough soup to last a couple more meals.
By now, you may still have a few leftovers, like olives, pickles, mayo, frozen peppers, parmesan, pizza sauce, and sunflower seeds. You can roll these over into a few other items for the next week, and then you can buy a few other things, like garlic powder, a little bottle of cooking oil, etc.

3 Day Low Carb High Fat Stall Breaker Meal Plan , Bulletproof Treats, Fat Bombs, Soul Bread – Weight Loss Program

If your carb count is out of control lately, you’re craving or simply stalled on Atkins, take three days and reset your keto clock. Choose your calorie range, mix and match 12 meals, use add-ons to up your calories and fat.

  • 3 Day high fat meal plan
  • Printable Stall Breaker recipes
  • Bulletproof Treats, Fat Bombs, Soul Bread

Breaking an Atkins diet stall involves trying something new – something different. Changing your ratio of fat to protein, and dropping carbs to rock-bottom levels are effective stall-busters.
End your weight loss plateau with three days of delicious – the stall breaker meal plan.
The premise is simple: limit calories, drink high fat beverages and eat healthy high fat foods – spreading meals out throughout the day. This meal plan will keep you satisfied and full while you break your diet stall.

Using the Meal Plan

1. Choose three or four meals for each day of your meal plan. This will give you a starting base of 900-1200 calories each day.
2. Add remaining calories by eating delicious, high fat add-ons. Each add-on option is around 200 calories, very high fat and very low carb.

Find Your Daily Calorie Needs

Use the online keto calculator to find out how many calories you need to maintain your current weight.
Decide how many calories per day to eat during the plan.
For greater results, choose a plan that’s lower in calories than your daily required amount. This creates a calorie deficit, translating into fat loss.
All meals, desserts, snacks and beverages are very high fat – ensuring your weight loss is fat loss.

Low Carb Stall Buster Meals

Each stall breaker meal has around 300 calories. Eat any three or four meals on any day.

  • 3 meals each day = 900 calories. (average)
  • 4 meals each day = 1200 calories. (average)

Repeat the meals you enjoy – that’s fine to do for just a few days.

Stall Breaker Breakfast

  • Mini Mushroom Cheddar Quiche
  • Keto Lace Heart Pancakes
  • Bacon and Egg Crepe Pocket

Crustless Quiche Lorraine

Mini Mushroom Cheddar Quiche

Make ahead, store in fridge or freezer. Use leftover veggies to mix and match ingredients.
Mini Mushroom Cheddar Quiche Recipe
Mini Mushroom Cheddar Quiche

Keto Lace Heart Pancakes

For your stall breaker meal, one serving equals five keto pancakes (or half the pancake batter.)
Make a large batch and store in the fridge (lasts a few days) or freezer (lasts a month).
Drizzle the keto pancake batter onto the cook surface. Start with an outline and fill in with squiggles.
These keto pancakes work in chocolate (add cocoa powder) or mocha (add 1 tbsp strong coffee or espresso).
Lace Heart Keto Pancake Recipe

Bacon and Egg Crepe Pocket

This stall buster recipe is a little lower calorie than the rest. Be sure to add one ounce of cream cheese, a teaspoon of grass-fed butter or olive oil over the top.
Bake your eggs in the oven instead. Fold crepes gently into muffin tins. Carefully add the scrambled eggs and cooked, chopped bacon.
Top your extra crepes with copious amounts of protein like sausage, ham, eggs or bacon for a breakfast pizza.
Bacon and Egg Crepe Recipe

The Classic Buttery Crepe recipe is included below.
Bacon and Egg Crepe Pocket    No-Carb-Classic-Buttery-Crepe Recipe

Stall Breaker Lunches

  • Fresh Avocado Cucumber Salad
  • Crunchy Parm & Cheddar Chicken Bites
  • Two Carb Side Salad


Fresh Avocado Cucumber Salad

Citrus blended with cool, fresh cucumber and healthy, high fat avocado. The spiralized veggies stay firm and crisp. This stall breaker recipe also works with zoodles.
Avocado Cucumber Salad Recipe
Fresh Avocado Cucumber Salad


This inexpensive wonder creates uniform, curly ‘noodles’ and spirals from zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips and other round or long vegetables.
Veggie Spiralizer Bundle
The veggie spiralizer is great for making curly fries, frittatas, salads and side dishes like zoodles – low carb “pasta” made from zucchini!
Crunchy Parm and Cheddar Chicken Bites-Recipe

Crunchy Parm & Cheddar Chicken Bites

Works with bite-size nuggets and chicken fingers. For added crunch, roll in unsweetened, shredded coconut.
Crunchy Chicken Bites Recipe
low carb side salad

Two Carb Side Salad

Convenient base salad with only two net carbs and plenty of veggie options.
two carb side salad with protein
Top your stall breaker salad with 4 ounces of protein and 1 tablespoon of full fat salad dressing, or olive oil and red wine vinegar.
Two Carb Side Salad Recipe

Stall Breaker Snacks

  • Lemon Basil Spinach Ricotta Crepes
  • Bacon Wrapped Meatballs
  • Crispy Cauli Parm Chips

Spinach Ricotta Rolled Crepes

Lemon Basil Spinach Ricotta Crepes

Perfect make-ahead snack: slice into carb-controlled portions, wrap and store in the fridge.
Substitute feta or mozzarella cheese for the ricotta, kale or arugula for the spinach.
Spinach Ricotta Crepe Recipe
Lemon Basil Spinach Rolled Crepes

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs

Try these meatballs grilled, baked or add to a slow-cooker. For a quick stall breaker meal, eat 5 meatballs (280 cals), or 6 (336 cals).
Bacon Wrapped Meatball prep
Wrap meatballs in bacon and place seam side down on a sheet of foil, or place into muffin tins.
Bacon Wrapped Meatball Recipe
Bacon Wrapped Meatball Recipe
cauliflower parmesan cheese chips

Crispy Cauli Parm Chips

Crispy and savory, these super low carb chips add crunch when you crave it most.
Top your parmesan cauliflower chips with a bacon wrapped meatball.
Cauliflower Parmesan Chip Recipe

Stall Breaker Main Meals

  • Rosemary Tilapia with Garlic Butter
  • Cilantro Chicken and Cauli Fried Rice
  • Feta Pepper Rolled Steak

Rosemary Garlic Tilapia with Butter Sauce

Rosemary Tilapia with Garlic Butter

This classic garlic butter sauce also works with chicken and beef.
Make a few extra servings to add to the side salad. Top with 1 tablespoon of full fat dressing or olive oil.
Rosemary Garlic Tilapia Recipe
Rosemary Garlic Tilapia with Butter Sauce
Cilantro Lime Chicken Cauli Rice

Cilantro Chicken and Cauli Fried Rice

This dish is excellent hot or cold. Roll leftovers up in a crepe and serve chilled for lunch.
Chicken Cauli Rice Recipe
Cilantro Chicken and Cauli Fried Rice

Feta Pepper Rolled Steak

Pound out steak, add spicy peppers and cool feta cheese. Slice into perfect portions. Leftovers store and travel well for work or school.
Feta Pepper Rolled Steak Recipe

Stall Breaker Add-Ons

After your base meals, enjoy a a few add-ons to achieve your meal plan calorie goal for the day.
Each high fat stall breaker add-on has around 200 calories.

  • Bulletproof Treats
  • Fat Bombs
  • Soul Bread

Bulletproof Coffee Butter Cream Pops

Bulletproof Treats

What are Bulletproof treats? Bulletproof treats leave you full, focused and energized for hours, crash-free – the perfect stall buster!
Health Benefits of Bulletproof Treats

  • Help you stay in ketosis
  • Accelerate fat loss
  • Promote muscle gain
  • Boost brain power
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Bump up energy levels


Bulletproof Coffee

BPC, or Bulletproof coffee is an upgrade for your regular cup of Joe. Healthy fats are blended and frothed into freshly brewed coffee.
Bulletproof coffee is satisfying enough to double as a meal.
Bulletproof how-to, plus 12 recipes for coffee, cocoa, candy, tea, to-go drops, ice cream, pops and mousse.
Seasonal Four Spice Fat Bombs

Fat Bombs

Increasing fat in your diet burns more stored body fat. Fat bombs are concentrated, delicious bites of healthy fat.

What’s a Fat Bomb?

Fat bombs are any high fat low carb recipe or food (Coconut oil, flaked coconut, Mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, macadamia nuts), usually 85% fat or more.
stall breaker fat bombs
Choose any fat bomb recipe (savory, citrus and sweet) plus a printable, 19 fat bomb recipe eBook.
soul break stall breaker

Soul Bread

Soul Bread is an Atkins Induction friendly, high fat low carb bread.
How is this possible? Soul Bread doesn’t have gluten or flour. Instead, Soul Bread uses isolate whey protein powder, baking soda, eggs and all-natural xanthan gum to get the fluffy rise and texture it’s famous for.

How To Eat Soul Bread

One slice+ makes a 300 cal meal. What’s the “plus?”
Top your Soul Bread with:

  • 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter
  • 2 oz chicken or beef, a thin slice of tomato and onion, 1 teaspoon mayo/olive oil, or a slice of avocado.
  • 1 oz cream cheese with garlic or herbs
  • 2 slices of bacon, 1 teaspoon mayonnaise, lettuce and a thin slice of onion or tomato.
  • 1 scrambled egg with chopped veggies, and butter or 1 oz cheese.

Original Soul Bread Recipe

Per Slice:  207 cals, 1 net carb, 17 fat, 14 protein.
Click the recipe to view, print or save. Or grab all the Soul Bread recipe variations, including Bacon Cheddar, Lemon Blueberry, Toasted Onion, Cinnamon Pecan and Rosemary Garlic.

Rapid Keto Meal Plan

The Keto Beginning is a highly recommended program – especially if you’re not ready for Atkins Maintenance phases or an increase in carbs every day.
Bust through plateaus, eat more carbs and uncover a life you love. Restore your weight, balance hormones and lift mood naturally.
This carb cycling keto meal plan slides you into fat-burning mode, without needing to go strict low carb.

7 Healthy Low-Carb Meals In Under 10 Minutes – Diet Program

By Kris Gunnars
I get asked what I eat all the time, so I thought it would be a good idea to write an article with some of my go-to meals.
I’m not the most creative guy in the kitchen and usually use only a handful of ingredients.
My meals can be prepared in under 10 minutes… but I’ve still managed to make them taste pretty damn good, if I may say so myself.
All the meals are low-carb and weight loss friendly.

1. Eggs and Vegetables, Fried in Coconut Oil

This is what I eat for breakfast literally every single day. I never get tired of it and it keeps me full for a long time.
Ingredients: Coconut oil, Spinach, Frozen Vegetable Mix (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans) and Spices.

  • 1. Add coconut oil to frying pan and turn up the heat.
  • 2. Add vegetables. In my case, I use a frozen mix so I need to let it thaw in the heat for a few minutes.
  • 3. Add eggs (I use 3 or 4).
  • 4. Add spices. I use a spice mix, although salt and pepper work great too.
  • 5. (Optional) Add spinach.
  • 6. Stir fry until ready.

Eggs And Vegetables, Fried In Coconut Oil

2. Grilled Chicken Wings With Greens and Salsa

This is one of my all-time favorite meals. There’s something “primitive” about eating meat off the bone… love it.
Ingredients: Chicken Wings, Spices, Some Greens, Salsa.

  • 1. Put spice on chicken wings (I use a chicken spice mix).
  • 2. Insert into oven, heat at 180-200°C (356-392°F) for about 40 minutes.
  • 3. Grill until wings are brown and crunchy.
  • 4. Serve with some vegetables and salsa.

Grilled Chicken Wings With Salad

3. Bacon and Eggs

I wouldn’t exactly call bacon a health food. It is processed meat, after all.
But it is still low in carbs and you can eat it on a low-carb diet and still lose weight. I personally eat bacon and eggs once or twice a week.
Ingredients: Bacon, Eggs.

  • 1. Add bacon to pan, fry until ready.
  • 2. Put the bacon on a plate, fry a few eggs (I use 3-4) in the bacon fat.
  • 3. (Optional) If you want to add some flavor to the eggs, put a bit of sea salt, garlic powder and onion powder on them while frying.

Bacon and Eggs

4. Ground Beef With Sliced Bell Peppers

This is a meal I eat from time to time, not very often. It is perfect if you have some spare ground beef laying around.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Onions, Ground Beef, Spinach, Spices and a Bell Pepper.

  • 1. Cut an onion in little pieces.
  • 2. Put coconut oil on pan, turn up the heat.
  • 3. Add onion to pan, stir for a minute or two.
  • 4. Add ground beef.
  • 5. Add some spices (I use a spice mix, but salt and pepper work fine).
  • 6. Add spinach.
  • 7. (Optional) If you want to spice things up a bit, add some black pepper and chili powder.
  • 8. Stir fry until ready, serve with a sliced bell pepper.

Ground Beef and Vegetables

5. Cheeseburgers Without The Bun

This is a meal that I never get tired of. Burgers without the bun, with some cheeses and served with raw spinach.
Ingredients: Butter, Hamburgers, Cheddar Cheese, Cream Cheese, Salsa, Spices, Spinach.

  • 1. Put butter on pan, turn up the heat.
  • 2. Add burgers and spices.
  • 3. Flip until close to being ready.
  • 4. Add a few slices of cheddar and some cream cheese on top.
  • 5. Turn down the heat and put a lid on the pan until the cheese melts.
  • 6. Serve with some spinach. I like to pour some of the fat from the pan on top of the spinach.
  • 7. To make the burgers even more juicy, add some salsa on top.

Cheeseburgers Without The Bun

6. Fried Pieces of Chicken Breast

I don’t always eat chicken breasts, but when I do… I add lots of butter to make them palatable.
Ingredients: Butter, Chicken Breast, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Curry and Vegetables.

  • 1. Cut chicken breast into small pieces.
  • 2. Add butter to pan, turn up the heat.
  • 3. Add chicken pieces.
  • 4. Add a bunch of salt, pepper, curry and garlic powder.
  • 5. Stir fry until the chicken gets a brown, crunchy texture.
  • 6. Serve with some greens.

Fried Chicken Breast Pieces

7. Fake Meat-Based Pizza… Meatza

If you miss pizza, then you’re going to love this. It tastes even better, in my opinion, without all the nasty ingredients.
This recipe is very easy to modify and you can add whatever you want to it … vegetables, mushrooms, different cheeses, etc.
Ingredients: Ground Beef, Salsa, Onions, Spice, Garlic Powder, Shredded Cheese and Bacon.

  • 1. Cut onions into little pieces and bacon into small slices.
  • 2. Mix ground beef, salsa, onions, spices and garlic powder at the bottom of a baking dish.
  • 3. Add shredded cheese on top.
  • 4. Spread bacon slices over the whole thing.
  • 5. Insert into oven, heat at 180-200°C (356-392°F) for 30-40 minutes, until bacon and cheese look crunchy.

How To Order Low Carb / Keto At Starbucks And 10 Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Recipes- Weight Loss Program

lc-740x357Being born and raised in Washington State, just outside of Seattle, Starbucks is a staple. It is part of our landscape. It’s  just something we do. I am surprised it is not used as a verb yet – like Facebooking, googling or tweeting. Friend -“Hey, what are you up to tomorrow?” Me – “Oh you know, just Starbucking” You could say that Seattle is the coffee capital of the U.S. The city of Seattle has the greatest concentration of coffee houses in the country. The original Starbucks opened in 1971 in the Pike Place Market and has been iconic to this area ever since. Have you ever tried to visit the original Starbucks during the summer? There is a line through the entire store and down the side walk outside.

Now, it is rare to travel anywhere and not see a Starbucks. People will get up early to grab it before work. They will wait in long lines, pre-order through their app, and even fork over cash they really don’t have for a cup of that delicious bean juice.
So the big question on every low carbers mind is “Do I have to give up my daily Starbucks to maintain my low carb, ketogenic lifestyle?” The answer is NO!! You just have to get creative with your ordering. Don’t be too shy to ask for exactly what you want. You are handing over your hard earned money and paying a premium to go to Starbucks, versus other coffee chains. You should get exactly what you want, even if it is an off-menu or custom made drink. Never once have I been met with anything but friendliness when requesting a special order. They may not always get it right, but they will certainly try and are always willing to remake it. I am here to help you get creative with your low carb ordering. Starbucks is back on your low carb menu!! So, what can you order? Here are several to get your started. I will add more options as I think of them.

The obvious choices:
  • Espresso – There are no carbs in a shot of espresso. It is definitely an acquired taste, but it is always a viable option.
  • Drip Coffee – You can drink it black or you can add cream and sugar free syrup to it. This is how I drink my coffee at home on most days. When I am not drinking Bulletproof coffee that is.
  • Iced Coffee – Again, you can add any sugar free syrups you want to this. You can also add heavy cream or half and half
  • Cold Brew – This is made in house daily and in small batches. Get it early before they are sold out.
  • Hot Tea – Starbucks has a lot of great hot tea flavors. Drink it as is or add a little sweetener or sugar free syrup to it.
  • Cappucino – Cappuccino is just espresso and milk foam. If you like it wetter, it also has a little steamed milk in it. You can have it plain or you can add sugar free syrup to it. There is something so comforting about a foamy cappuccino.
Here are some options to replace your daily latte:
  • Order an americano (iced or hot) with a splash of heavy cream. Starbucks makes their own whipped cream, therefore they all carry heavy cream. If you want it flavored, just add any of their sugar free syrups.
  • Order a latte, sub half and half (breve) or heavy cream. If you want it flavored, just add any of their sugar free syrups. This will be very creamy. If you don’t want it so rich, order the americano option above instead.
  • Order a latte, but ask for almond milk or coconut milk as a substitution. Many Starbucks now carry both. Note – They are not unsweetened and do have some sugar and carbs. They are still much lower than milk. Ask to see the container. They will happily show you. Then you can see for sure if they are right for your personal carb allowance.
Here are some options to replace your daily frappucino:
  • This one took them a couple of tries to get right. They looked at me like I was nuts, but once they got it right, it became my favorite summer drink. Ask for a Coffee Light Frappucino with half water and half heavy cream instead of the nonfat milk. It has a subtle sweetness all on its own, but you can add any of their sugar free syrups for a little more flavor
  • Ask for a Sugar Free Cinnamon Dulce Light Frappucino with half water and half heavy cream instead of non-fat milk. Trust me when I tell you that your low carb blended coffee drink game just got elevated.
    Here are some options to replace your daily mocha:
    • Order a Skinny Mocha with half heavy cream and half water. Alternately you can ask to sub half and half (breve)
    • Order an Americano with skinny mocha sauce and a splash of heavy cream
    • Order a coconut or almond milk mocha, sub skinny mocha sauce
    • Order a sugar free peppermint mocha with skinny mocha sauce with half heavy cream and half water. Alternately, you can ask to sub half and half (breve)
    • Not a coffee drinker? Order a skinny mocha hot chocolate breve
      Save carbs and money and make your own:

      If you are looking to save some cash and probably even a few carbs, you can try out these low carb, keto Starbucks copycat recipes. If you have ever been in line and found yourself drooling over the pastry case, have no fear, I have included some copycat recipes for some of Starbucks most popular sweet treats as well.
      Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Caramel Frappucino
      Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Caramel Frappucino – All Day I Dream About Food
      Low Carb Copycat Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher
      Low Carb Copy Cat Cool Lime Refresher – Sugar Free Mom
      Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Pumpkin Spice Latte
      Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Pumpkin Spice Latte – Low Carb So Simple
      Low Carb Copycat Pumpkin Spice Frappucino
      Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Spice Frappucino
      Iced Vanilla Green Tea Matcha Latte – Low Carb Yum
      Low Carb Starbucks Pink Drink Copycat
      Low Carb Starbucks Pink Drink Copycat Recipe – KetoDiet Blog
      Starbucks Lemon Loaf Low Carb Copycat Recipe
      Starbucks Lemon Loaf – Maria Mind Body Health
      Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Mini Vanilla Bean Scones
      Mini Vanilla Bean Scones – All Day I Dream About Food
      Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Salted Caramel Cake Pops
      Low Carb Starbucks Copycat Salted Caramel Cake Pops – All Day I Dream About Food

Bulletproof Bread: Keto, Low Carb Bread Recipe


Bake Bulletproof Bread With This Keto, Low Carb Bread Recipe

When I recommend that people give up gluten (which I do regularly) one of the most common responses is “I could never stop eating bread.”
No surprise – bread is delicious, and it was probably a dietary staple for most of us growing up. It’s also fairly toxic. For many people, gluten (and therefore bread) links to gut inflammation, brain fog, weight gain, and autoimmune disease. To top it off, wheat is especially susceptible to mold growth and mycotoxin contamination, which brings with it a whole host of health problems, from hormone disruption to cancer. No wonder so many people are going gluten-free1.
As the gluten-free diet grows in popularity, so does the rise of gluten-free, low carb bread (no pun intended). Often, though, gluten-free breads are no better than the loafs they imitate. They usually have an equally high glycemic load and contain ingredients derived from corn, potatoes, or soy. Not Bulletproof. But what if you could have your bread and eat it, too?
That’s where Bulletproof bread – keto, low carb bread – comes in. It’s pure fat and protein, so it’ll keep you in a fat-burning, energy-producing ketogenic state (you can read up on ketosis here). It’s also a near perfect replacement for normal bread, from texture to taste. Try it with butter, serve a burger on it, make a BLT with it – it’s firm and chewy enough to stand in for bread in pretty much any recipe.
Oh, and did I mention it’s only three ingredients?
Learn how to make it here in this awesome video from Bulletproof Ambassador Veronica Culver. The original recipe suggests whey protein, but baking denatures whey and can cause inflammation. Try using collagen instead. The bread will still turn out beautifully.

Bulletproof Bread Recipe For Keto, Low Carb Bread:

Makes 1 Loaf

  1. 6 pastured eggs, separated
  2. 1/2 cup grass-fed Bulletproof Collagen Protein
  3. Grass-fed butter (to grease pan)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Use middle rack and remove any racks above as bread will expand while baking.
Generously butter a loaf pan/dish with grass-fed butter. (Side note: If possible, use a ceramic pan. The bread will cook evenly without sticking, and a ceramic pan won’t leach chemicals like Teflon cookware will.)
Beat 6 egg whites until stiff peaks form – a hand mixer on high works well. Really beat the whites until the peaks are VERY stiff. If you don’t beat them enough, they’ll collapse when you add the whey and egg yolks, and you’ll end up with a Styrofoam-like concoction. Yuck.
Add ½ cup of  Bulletproof Collagen Protein and the 6 yolks. Blend gently on low just until fully incorporated. The batter will be fluffy.
Pour batter into prepared dish and place in oven.
Bake for 40 minutes.
Remove and allow to cool completely. The loaf will sink to a normal height.
Once fully cooled, release from dish, slice and serve.
Leftovers will keep in the fridge for a few1 days.
Reheating recommendation: Heat a skillet to medium-high and add ghee or grass-fed butter, sear bread slices in skillet until lightly toasted on each side, about 30 seconds per side. Do not overheat.
Use heat-stable collagen over whey protein, and keep in mind that oxidized cholesterol from the cooked egg yolks can cause a little inflammation, so don’t eat this every day. Stick to every few days, if you can control yourself. 😉

This recipe was adapted from “The Ketogenic Cookbook” by Jimmy Moore and Maria Emmerich.
This video comes to us from Veronica Culver, a Bulletproof Ambassador and Founder of The Enchanted Cook. Many thanks, Veronica!

By Dave Asprey

8 Of The Best Low Carb & Keto Soups You Should Be Eating

8 paleo, keto, grain-free, dairy-free and low carb soup recipes that the whole family will love, regardless of their eating style. Plus, a new recipe for Keto Fat Bomb Hamburger Soup.
There are few things that I love more than a warm bowl of keto soup on a cold day. If approached correctly (no need to confuse “correctly” with taking oodles of time out of your day), soups can deliver some serious keto nutrients, effortlessly.
The problem with conventional soups – think: the creamed soup at that cafe you really love, is that many of them hide some pretty funky (nasty) ingredients. Vegetable oils (increases inflammation), low-quality dairy (encourages disaster pants situations), starches (gives you the nasty sugar lows followed by insatiable hunger), the list goes on.
CREATE A HEALTHY + HOT BODY… FOR LIFEMaking healthy, low carb, keto soup that won’t sap your energy is easy – a couple of fresh ingredients, a blender, stove top, that’s it. Don’t have a blender? That’s okay. Let’s not get too fancy here.
8 of The Best Low Carb Soups You Should Be Eating #keto #lowcarb #paleoThe first key to making healthy, keto soup is in the ingredients. The Environmental Working Group classified common soup ingredients like bell peppers, kale, carrots, summer squash, tomatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower and onions as being the most pesticide rich crops in North America. In this case “rich” is not a good thing. If your keto soup has any of these ingredients, go organic.
And, choosing grass-fed (and finished!) red meat goes a long way in providing your body with omega-3 rice fats, vitamins D, K and more carotene than an equal amount of carrots. For chicken, opt for soy-free, corn-free, pasture raised chicken whenever you can.
The second key to making a healthy, keto soup is in the preparation. Burned or blackened vegetables or meats cause havoc in your body. In fact, charred food has the same carcinogenic compounds as cigarette smoke! There’s no need to over-cook your healthy, keto soup ingredients. Cook until firm-tender and dig in! You’ll get the most nutrients this way.
Vegan Low Carb Cream of Tomato Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleo
5-Minute Vegan Keto Cream of Tomato Soup: Macadamia nuts are what makes this soup so creamy and delicious. Made of raw, keto ingredients and blended, many of the nutrients in this soup are left in tact. Served best with a side of Homemade Keto Thyme and Onion Crackers.
Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleo
Vegan Keto Cream of Broccoli Soup: My husband came up with the idea of using blended cauliflower as a base for keto soup. Brilliant man he is. The recipe for this low carb, keto soup couldn’t be simpler. Just a couple of keto ingredients, all whole food-based.
Pump Up Your Greens Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleo
Pump Up Your Greens Keto Creamed Soup: This keto soup has everything you need to stay hydrated, fueled and on top of your game. Luscious greens blended with health-promoting fats. It’s health, in a bowl.
Dairy-free Cream of Mushroom Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleo
Vegan, Grain-free, and Keto Cream of Mushroom Soup: There’s no cream in this keto mushroom soup! Completely safe for practically everyone. Unless of course you can’t do mushrooms…
Roasted Garlic Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleo
Keto Roasted Garlic Soup: Another dairy-free cream keto soup for the books. With just 11 grams of carbs per bowl, you can rest easy knowing that the healthy fats you’re pumping in your body will go to good use. Amp up the nutrient value by using homemade beef broth in place of vegetable broth.
Rutabaga Greens Stew #keto #lowcarb #paleo
Rutabaga Greens Stew: More greens! If one of your 2015 goals is to eat more greens, this stew has you covered. You won’t even taste the sea vegetables. Sounds scary? I promise it isn’t. The rutabagas add crunch without the potato sugar-high, you’ll be in keto stew loving heaven.
Low Carb Gazpacho #keto #lowcarb #paleo
Gazpacho: If fresh is the name of your game, this soup is your kinda party. Made with raw ingredients, this vegetable-based soup is great on its own, or used as a meat marinade. Yes, I just suggested you soak your meats in this soup!
Fat Bomb Hamburger Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleoKeto Fat Bomb Hamburger Soup (recipe below): I created this keto recipe a couple of months ago, before I underwent surgery (it’s all good, I’m fine!). I’m convinced that the high concentration of fats paired with the collagen from the homemade beef stock was the catalyst for my phenomenally fast recovery.
Fat Bomb Hamburger Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleo

5.0 from 3reviews
Keto Fat Bomb Hamburger Soup
Author: Leanne Vogel
Recipe type: Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Grain-free, Nut-free, Egg-free, Low Carb, Keto
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
High-fat, keto hamburger soup recipe, loaded with fresh vegetables. Low carb, paleo, keto, and dairy-free.
  • 125 grams red onion, sliced (approx. ½ onion)
  • 125 grams mushrooms, chopped (approx. 10 count)
  • 200 grams yellow bell pepper, sliced (approx. 1 count)
  • 200 grams Brussels sprouts, halved (approx. 20 count)
  • ¼ cup red palm oil, melted
  • Himalayan rock salt, to taste
  • Freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • 1 lb. grass-fed regular ground beef
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 200 grams celery (approx. 6 sticks)
  • 4 cups homemade beef stock, with the fat
  • 2 cups organic whole tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp organic tomato paste
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • pinch cayenne pepper or ½ teaspoon chili powder
  • 25 grams (1/4 cup) fresh parsley, chopped
  1. Preheat your oven to 350F. Place onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, brussels sprouts, palm oil, salt and pepper on a large baking sheet. Transfer sheet to the oven and roast vegetables for 25-30 minutes. Once complete, set aside.
  2. Add ground beef to a large soup pot and cook on medium-low heat until just cooked through. Add garlic and celery, cook for another 3 minutes. Do not drain the fat, keep it in there.
  3. Add remaining ingredients: stock, tomatoes, paste and spices. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Stir in roasted vegetables and chopped parsley. Serve with a slice of Flax Focaccia.

View Nutrition Information (once on page, scroll down)Fat Bomb Roasted Vegetable Hamburger Soup-3912
I used red palm oil in this keto soup recipe. It’s another healthy saturated fat, my favorite saturated fat for roasted keto vegetables.
Fat Bomb Roasted Vegetable Hamburger Soup-3914
As I mentioned above, be sure to use grass-fed and finished ground beef in this keto recipe. The fats are highly nutritious. If you can’t get your paws on grass-fed beef, replace the regular ground beef in this keto recipe with lean. Animal fat holds toxins. If you’re eating conventional meat, there will be toxins in its fat.
Fat Bomb Roasted Vegetable Hamburger Soup-3920
I added a bit of extra homemade grass-fed tallow to the keto mix… you can do that as well, especially if you use a leaner meat.
Fat Bomb Roasted Vegetable Hamburger Soup-3922
My homemade beef stock is very thick and has oil on the top. I threw it ALL in there.
Fat Bomb Roasted Vegetable Hamburger Soup-3923
Once the meat is cooked, spices can be added.
Fat Bomb Roasted Vegetable Hamburger Soup-3929
The brilliantly golden roasted vegetables are best added into the soup at the very end, for extra crunch!
Fat Bomb Hamburger Soup #keto #lowcarb #paleoWhich Healthful Pursuit soups have you tried already? What did you think?

Incredibly Delicious Low Carb Cream Cheese Fudge

One of my favorite low carb treats. I don’t like super sweet sweets and the cream cheese gives this just the right little bit of tang yet it’s sweet enough for me. You can add more sweetener to this also. I use about 1/2 cup because it’s enough for me. But taste it as you go and add more if you like it sweeter. Also you can add nuts if you like.
Low Carb Cream Cheese Fudge

1 Stick Butter ( I use salted )
2 oz. Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
1 8 oz. package Cream Cheese, softened
1/2 Cup Stevia  or any sweetener or your choice to taste
Place butter and chocolate in a small pan and melt oven low heat. When chocolate and butter is just melted add vanilla and sweetener and blend together.
Place cream cheese in a medium bowl and pour chocolate mixture over it.
With a hand mixer mix about 2 minutes.
Pour into a greased  pan. I use a 6 x 8 pan and I freeze it and cut into squares.
 Note : I keep fudge  stored in the freezer . Out of site, out of mind. too
This makes a great frosting for mim’s or low carb  cookies ect.  
makes 24 pieces at  0.3 carbs per piece.
Share this incredibly delicious recipe with your friends!

120 Zero Carb Foods For Atkins Induction And Ketosis, Food Log, Tips, Printable List + 4 Day No Carb Meal Plan-Weight Loss Program

Zero Carb Foods List

Imagine a zero carb world where nervous counting doesn’t exist. If you’re starting low carb, speeding up ketosis or in Atkins Induction, no carb foods will set you free.

  • Tips for going zero carb
  • How to read no carb food labels
  • Real life zero carb food experience and 6 week food log
  • Printable list of no carb foods
  • 4 Day no carb meal plan

The list of low carb foods is HUGE. Zero carb foods are more limited, especially in the fruit and veggie area. But there are still over 100 choices for rich satisfying meals.
no carb food list mushroom cap
Finding foods with zero carbs isn’t hard. Use our zero carb and (almost) zero carb food lists, read package labels carefully and be pleasantly surprised at all the options.

Using the No Carb Foods List

Technically speaking, fats are the only foods that are completely zero carb. Even meats and seafood have trace amounts.
What You Must Know:
The foods on this list have very minor amounts of net carbs – fractions of a gram. These foods are so close to zero, most low carbers consider them ‘no carb foods.’
The “almost” zero carb foods are a bit higher, but a single serving from the list is still under 1 net carb.
One Warning:
Track your servings. Trace amounts of carbs still add up.

Tips for Going Zero Carb

You’ve decided to go low – really low. These three easy tips simplify starting your zero carb diet.

Give yourself a few days to prepare.

Check your fridge and cabinets, move any higher carb foods to the side, and fill the space with your favorite no carb foods.
Plan a zero carb grocery trip and stock up!

Focus on what you ARE allowed to eat.

Zero carb foods are savory and delicious. You won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.

Have fun. Try new things.

If you are eating foods with no carbs, you are cooking more often. Having some fun with your food is a good way to build positive associations.

Chef-Pro Silicone Gloves

Tired of bulky oven mitts? Chef-Pro’s silicone oven gloves are ultra-convenient for grilling, BBQ, cooking and baking. Insulated & waterproof.
Chef-Pro Silicone Gloves for no carb foods

Real Life Zero Carb Food Log

What’s it really like to go zero carb? Rebecca Latham of Low Carb Better Health went zero carb, keeping food logs for six weeks:

Rebecca-zero-carb-foods    I am eating meat, a small amount of dairy, some healthy fats and I am drinking water only.
I have also been eating Fat Bombs, which contain almond butter, cocoa power and Stevia.
I am carefully tracking what I am eating. Here is what I have learned so far about how my blood sugar reacts to food.

No Carb Food Labels

Many food labels list foods as having zero carbs. Labeling laws allow food companies to print “zero grams” on the label if the food has less than one gram of carbs.
Sugar substitutes, cheeses, eggs and spices are common examples of this situation. If you’re being extra cautious, count them as .5 net carbs per serving.

List of Foods with No Carbs

There are zero carb foods in almost every food group, so it’s easy to enjoy a variety of foods when going no carb.
Select the image to view, print or save. Opens in a new window.
printable list of foods with no carbs

Zero Carb Meat

High in protein and vitamins, most natural meats have zero carbs.
Packaged, cured and processed meats (sausage, hot dogs, deli meat, bacon, etc.) have some carbs due to added flavoring, preservatives or starchy binders.
Be sure to check the labels.
These natural meats have no carbs:

  • Beef
  • Veal
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Fowl (turkey, chicken, duck, goose, hen, quail)
  • Organ Meats (brains, tongue, liver, heart, kidneys)
  • Game Meats (venison, bison, ostrich, caribou, elk)
  • Exotic Meats (such as ostrich and emu)

Zero Carb Bacon Bars

bbacon meat bar keto snack
Zero carb, game-changing Epic Bacon Bars let you “Enter bacon bliss… Indulge in bacon lust freely and frequently.” (100% natural)

Zero Carb Seafood

Fresh (unprocessed) seafood is zero carb:

  • Cod
  • Flounder
  • Sole
  • Haddock
  • Halibut
  • Sardine
  • Swordfish
  • Tuna
  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Catfish
  • Bass

These options have trace carbs:

  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Lobster
  • Squid

These options have a bit more:

  • Oysters (count .35 net carbs per oyster)
  • Mussels (count .38 net carbs per mussel)
  • Clams (count .35 net carbs per clam)

Zero Carb Seasoning

Flavoring zero carb foods makes them much more palatable.

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Vinegar
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Most Hot Sauces
  • Pre-mixed Seasonings (check the label)
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Dill weed
  • Chives, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, etc.

Zero Carb Oils and Fats

The following fats and oils have zero carbs:

Less healthy oils:

  • Mayonnaise (check each label)
  • Vegetable Shortening
  • Sesame oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is high in Medium Chain Triglycerides, or (MCT) fatty acids. These fats are metabolized differently. Coconut oil is used immediately for energy – not stored.
Organic Coconut Oil
Carrington farms organic coconut oil is gluten free, non-GMO, free of hydrogenated and trans fats, Kosher and zero carb.

High Performance MCT Oil

Left Coast’s pure MCT oil blend is easier to absorb and digest. MCT converts into energy faster than other oils, ignites your body’s metabolic rate and helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.
MCT oil is an easy way to increase your healthy fats. Add to salads, smoothies or Bulletproof coffee for immediate, all day energy.
bulletproof coffee best MCT Oil
Triple filtered, pharmaceutical grade, BPA-free container, USA-made, identical quality to the ‘Bulletproof’ brand.

Zero Carb Binders

Unflavored, powdered gelatin is a high protein, zero carb food. Gelatin strengthens hair and nails, helps skin stay elastic and helps with sleep.
Low carb guru, Dana Carpender has excellent ideas for adding gelatin:

Dana Carpender zero carb foods    “I intend to start adding gelatin to things, too. In particular, I plan to mix gelatin into ground meat dishes, from burgers to meat loaves to chili.
Why not? It’s flavorless. I’m betting in the burgers and meat loaves it holds moisture, and acts as a binder.
I’ve also started adding pork rind crumbs to a lot of ground meat recipes, not only for flavor, but for the gelatin.”
– from Hold The Toast “Gelatin Blowing My Mind”)

Use zero carb gelatin as a binder for ground meat, or add to lemonade for a filling, protein boost.

Zero Carb Beverages

These beverages are zero carb:

  • Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Club Soda
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Diet Soda (watch the artificial sweetener)

Zero Carb Sweeteners

Companies advertise aspartame, sucralose, saccharine and stevia as no carb sugar substitutes. However – the powder and granular ones usually contain trace amounts of carbohydrate fillers.
It only takes a little to go a long way. Use a sprinkle.

Note: Artificial sweeteners can affect insulin the same way sugar does, so watch your progress, use sparingly and with caution.

Liquid Sucralose Sweetener

EZ-Sweetz liquid sweetener is made of sucralose and has no bitter aftertaste. Zero carb, zero calories, zero impact.
EzSweetz Soul Bread sucralose

Liquid De-Bittered Stevia

EZ-Sweetz’s de-bittered stevia blend has no unpleasant aftertaste. This blend has none of the characteristic bitterness of typical stevia sweeteners.
EZ-Sweetz Liquid De-Bittered Stevia

Zero Carb Alcohol

Use alcohol with caution. Your body burns alcohol before it burns fat for fuel. When you have metabolized all the alcohol, your body will return to burning fat.
Alcohol knocks some low carbers out of ketosis for several days after drinking alcohol. Everyone is different, so watch your progress and adjust if necessary.

  • Gin
  • Rum (unflavored)
  • Vodka (unflavored)
  • Whiskey
  • Tequila
  • Scotch

zero carb food greens cheese seeds

(Almost) Zero Carb Foods

This list of almost zero carb foods really expands your options without compromising your plan.
A single serving of these foods contains less than 1 net carb. Measure carefully and spread your extra carbs throughout the day.

Almost Zero Fruits and Veggies

Many of the leafy green vegetables (spinach, lettuce, celery, kale, turnip greens) are great choices for going zero carb.
Although commonly thought of as vegetables, avocados are fruit, almost zero carb and a source of healthy fat.
Raspberries are high in fiber and are great to sprinkle over a salad or top with whipped cream.
Serving size: 1/2 cup

  • Spinach .2
  • Parsley .4
  • Avocado .5
  • Radish .5
  • Lettuce .25
  • Bok Choy .7
  • Celery .8

Serving size: 1/4 cup

  • Mushrooms .5
  • Garlic (1/2 clove) .5
  • Pokeberry Shoots .5
  • Cabbage .5
  • Asparagus (3 pieces) .6
  • Coconut .5
  • Yellow Squash .7
  • Raspberries .7
  • Cauliflower .7
  • Broccoli .8
  • Cucumber .9

Almost Zero Eggs and Dairy


Eggs are so versatile: fried, scrambled, omelets, quiche, boiled, deviled and of course – egg salad.

  • Eggs  .2 to .7 per egg (check the carton)

Eggs are almost zero carb, ranging from .2 to 1 net carb per egg. Organic, free-range, cage-free, etc. eggs have larger yolks, making them lower in carbs. Be sure to check each carton.


Most heavy whipping cream brands have less than 1 carb per tablespoon, even if the packaging declares “0 carbs.”
Check labels carefully – each brand of cream is very different.

  • Heavy Cream  .4 net carbs per tablespoon.
  • Half-and-Half  .2 to 1 net carb per tablespoon.

Almost Zero Cheese

Most natural, unprocessed cheeses (no added flavors or ingredients) are 0 to 1 net carb per serving. Hard cheeses will be the lowest; softer, creamy cheeses will be the highest.
The following cheeses and net carb amounts are from FatSecret, Popular Cheeses. When in doubt, check each label.
Serving size: 1 oz = 1″ cube = 1/4 cup grated (approx.)

  • Asiago .9
  • Blue .6
  • Brie .1
  • Camembert .1
  • Cheddar .3
  • Colby .7
  • Edam .4
  • Fontina .4
  • Goats .6
  • Gouda .6
  • Gruyère .1
  • Havarti .7
  • Mexican Blend Cheese .5
  • Monterey .1
  • Mozzarella .6
  • Muenster .3
  • Neufchatel .1 to .8
  • Parmesan .9
  • Provolone .6
  • Ricotta .8

* This list goes on and on… Be adventurous and try something new!

4 Day No Carb Meal Plan

infographic 4 day zero carb meal plan menu recipes
Four days of zero carb snacks, mini meals, main dishes, desserts and drinks. Grab the 4 Day Zero Carb Meal planner and a free eBook, 12 Zero Carb Recipes.

Women’s Keto Meal Plan

The Keto Beginning is a highly recommended program – especially if you’re not ready for Atkins Maintenance phases or an increase in carbs every day.
Bust through plateaus, eat more carbs and uncover a life you love. Restore your weight, balance hormones and lift mood naturally.
This carb cycling keto meal plan slides you into fat-burning mode, without needing to go strict low carb.
If what you’re doing isn’t working,
…this is your chance to change your body, meet your goals and achieve the balance you’re searching for.

First 2 Weeks On Low Carb+A Printable, 7 Day Low Carb Meal Plan+What To Do Before You Start A Low Carb Diet- Weight Loss Program

Two Weeks on Low Carb

When you start a low carb diet, the first two weeks are quite dramatic. Look younger, feel better and burn an amazing amount of stored body fat.
These promises are real. Here’s your bare bones easy, step-by-step:

  • What to do before you start a low carb diet.
  • A simple explanation of Atkins Induction and recipe resource.
  • Your new low carb plate with the best fat-burning ratio.
  • A printable, 7 Day Low Carb Meal Plan.
  • After your first 2 weeks.

Instant motivation? Check your weight, take body measurements and body fat percentages – if possible. Use your webcam or camera to take a live video or still photographs. It’s amazing to see how much your body changes over the next two weeks on the Atkins diet.
high fat low carb beef stuffed peppers

The benefits of Atkins and low carb diets are hard to beat. You’ll feel energetic and euphoric, sleep better, live longer, prevent disease and reduce inflammation in your joints– after you adjust.
This 2 week plan glides you through all adjustments with ease.

Starting with Atkins Induction

Atkins Induction

The Atkins low carb diet starts with a limit of 20 net carb grams per day for the first two weeks. This simply means avoiding sugar and counting carbs while eating healthy fats, meat and veggies.
The Atkins diet calls this first two-week phase “Induction” or “Phase 1.” Both you and your metabolism are being introduced to a brand new lifestyle – emotionally, physically and psychologically.
Get more details about Atkins Induction Phase 1 and a printable Atkins Induction food list.

Start Tips

You may follow Atkins Induction (20 net grams of carbs) or use your own carb counts (30 to 40 net grams of carbs).

  • It’s very important to track carbs during the first two weeks.
  • Eat plenty of food and drink plenty of water. Counting calories isn’t necessary
  • The foods you will be eating are delicious and very filling. Counting calories on a low carb diet is not necessary if you only eat when you feel hungry.

Artificial Sweeteners

If you’re craving sweet foods or desserts, artificial sweeteners are a good solution. Dr. Atkins prefers sucralose (Splenda), but small amounts (2 to 3 servings) of all natural stevia are also allowed.
(Type, Serving Size, Net Carbs)

  • Splenda: (sucralose) 1 packet, 1 net carb / liquid is zero carb
  • Sweet N Low: (saccharine) 1 packet, 0.9 net carbs / liquid is zero carb
  • Stevia: (all natural) 1 packet, 1 net carb / liquid is zero carb
  • Erythritol (all natural) trace net carbs per serving

Sucralose Liquid Sweetener

EZ-Sweetz liquid sweetener is made of sucralose and has no bitter aftertaste. Zero carb, zero calories, zero impact.

De-Bittered Liquid Stevia

EZ-Sweetz’s de-bittered stevia blend has no unpleasant aftertaste. EZ-Sweetz’s blend has none of the characteristic bitterness of typical stevia sweeteners.

Erythritol Sweetener

Now Foods erythritol powder is a natural sweetener that’s non-GMO, low glycemic impact and zero calorie.

Foods to Avoid During the First 2 Weeks

For the first two weeks after starting a low carb diet, avoid fruits, berries, pasta, rice, milk, nuts, alcohol and artificially sweetened soft drinks!
No chips or candies- even if they are “low carb” versions. There are lots of great low carb chocolates and ice creams, but avoid these for the first two weeks.
During these first few weeks it will become apparent if your body has any allergies or sensitivities, such as gluten.

Induction Recipes

How can you eat 20 grams a day of carbs and still have interesting meals? There’s an amazing low carb forum, A Pinch of Health, where Atkins Induction approved recipes are posted.
This thread is updated monthly, but there are currently 130+ Induction friendly low carb recipes listed, including: beef, veal, poultry, pork, lamb, soups, veggies, eggs, baked foods, desserts and sweets.

Your New Low Carb Plate

The Best Ratio to Burn Fat

Make sure to eat the correct amount of protein, fat and carb grams. To lose the most stored body fat, a typical ratio for the low carb Atkins Induction phase is 65% fat, 30% protein and 5% carbs.
A small increase in carbs and decrease in fat is a basic way to discover the right levels for your body. Track your progress and count every last fraction of a carb. Be honest.
If you begin to gain fat, simply adjust the ratio: lower your carbs, and increase your fat with the healthiest high foods.

Eating Fat to Lose Fat – Why this Works

Getting 65%-75% of your calories from fat gives your body enough fuel to operate at a maximum level. A few days after eating high fat low carb, you will enter a metabolic state called ketosis.

Must Read !  Your diet plan isn’t working? New research explains why

Ketosis (or keto for short) means you are efficiently burning fat for energy instead of storing it.

How to Know You’re in Ketosis

Keto Symptoms

  • During keto, low carbers experience bursts of energy and heightened mood – just two of the big benefits of ketosis.
  • Some dieters notice a temporary, sweet taste in the mouth or a mild, sweet breath odor, a signal they have reached ketosis.

Measuring Keto with Test Strips

A measurable way to know if you’ve reached ketosis is by testing for ketones with inexpensive strips.
Check Amazon for the lowest prices: Keto Test Strips
Keto test strips are one way to know you’ve reached ketosis, but if the strip doesn’t register the presence of ketones, you can still be ketosis.
Why is this?

  • Sometimes urine samples are diluted from drinking lots of water.
  • It’s also possible to burn away ketones during exercise.

Tip: Rely on eating the correct keto ratio of fat, protein and carbs, and use the keto testing strips as a “check in.”

Real Life Low Carb Plates

Numbers are great, but what will your new low carb plate look like in real life?

Starting a low carb diet means reworking your grocery store strategy and updating yourgo-to grocery list with old favorites and brand new options.
Here’s a general run-down of how to eat low carb from each food group.

Low Carb Poultry, Meat and Fish

  • Almost all poultry, meats and fish are zero carb. Avoid deli meats, processed meats and hot dogs during the first two weeks – these are higher in added starch and carbs.

Low Carb Veggies

Choose from over 50 low carb veggies. Serve veggies or a salad with every meal, and add extra veggies here and there for quick, low carb snacks.
low carb noodle spiral zoodles


This inexpensive wonder creates uniform, curly noodles from zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips and other round or long vegetables.

  • Zucchini spaghetti (Zoodles)
  • Cucumber ribbon strands
  • Sweet potato, radish or turnip curly fries
  • Long spiral squash strands

spiralizer zoodles low carb noodles
The veggie spiralizer is great for making curly fries, frittatas, salad garnishes and zoodles – low carb “pasta” made from zucchini!

Inspiralized Cookbook

Spiral Veggie cookbook
The Inspiralized cookbook shows you how to transform more than 20 vegetables and fruits into delicious meals that look and taste just like your favorite indulgent originals.
Zucchini turns into pesto spaghetti; jicama becomes shoestring fries; sweet potatoes lay the foundation for fried rice.

Veggie Spiralizer Cookbook

Spiralized vegetables cookbook
Top 98 recipes Spiralizer Cookbook is a step-by-step guide on using a spiralizer, includes a list of spiralizer-friendly veggies and delicious recipes:

  • Paleo-Friendly Carbonara
  • Roasted Carrot and Coconut Crostino
  • Chicken and Zoodle Bowl
  • Mediterranean Zoodle Platter
  • Zucchini Rice with Sweet Cider Dressing
  • Parmesan Broccoli Noodles with Tomatoes
  • Beet Noodles with Tangy Mustard Dressing
  • Gluten-Free Parsnip Puttanesca
  • Avocado and Beet Omelet
  • Rutabaga Spaghetti with Truffle Marinara Sauce
  • Summer Prosciutto and Cottage Cheese Pasta

Cheese, Dairy and Eggs

  • Cream cheese, hard and full-fat cheeses are best. Shredded cheeses are coated with starches and are higher carb.
  • Mascarpone cheese is an excellent zero carb dessert cheese.
  • Use heavy cream instead of half-and-half or milk.
  • Eggs are naturally very low carb – less than 1 gram per egg.

Butter and Oils

  • Choose organic, grass-fed butters and creams.
  • Concentrate on coconut and olive oils. These oils are richest in omega 3 fatty acids.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest sources of fat for your low carb diet. It’s also your new rapid fat-burning secret. Coconut oil helps you burn even more fat while in ketosis. Coconut oil is used immediately for energy – not stored as fat.
Coconut oil lasts up to two years without spoiling. Coconut oil gives food a nice “buttery” (not coconut) flavor, and is easy to cook or bake with.
Carrington Farms Organic Coconut Oil is gluten free, non-GMO, free of hydrogenated and trans fats, Kosher, zero carb and organic.

Avocado Oil

La Tourangelle Avocado Oil is all-natural, expeller-pressed, non-GMO and Kosher. La Tourangelle has a fruity roundness – great for both sweet and savory applications.


Eat flavorful, low carb meals using fresh herbs and spices. Most low carb herbs have only trace amounts of carbs, so use these liberally.
when to start a low carb diet

Days 1-2

When to Start Your Low Carb Diet

Most low carb diets put special emphasis on the first two weeks, when you get used to eating in a more healthy manner. But those first two DAYS are the key – when you break your carb addiction!
Start a low carb diet on a Thursday night. You’ll wake up Friday morning with a 12-15 hour head start. Your body was burning extra glucose (sugar) while you slept.

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Feeling the Challenge

After starting a low carb diet, the first two days are challenging.
Your body was using high sugar foods for energy, and storing your fat. Your body will crave this sugar at first. You may get cranky, tired or shaky. The worse your symptoms are, the more addicted your body was to sugar.
Don’t worry.
We only carry enough glucose (sugar) to last for 2 to 3 days in our bodies. Any extra sugar is stored as fat.
On Monday morning, you’ll no longer be a “sugar burner.” After day two, you’ll start burning fat and protein for energy instead. The brain becomes clear and your metabolism runs more efficiently.
The more healthy fat you eat, the more stored body fat you’ll burn for energy. It’s difficult to overeat fat, so calorie counting isn’t usually necessary.

Days 3-7

Your Metabolism is Different

The next two weeks are amazing. The roller coaster mood swings, hunger cravings, bloating and stomach puffiness caused by sugar is gone.
You feel better, need less sleep and have much more energy. Goodbye naps!
You’re losing weight rapidly- without hunger. And you are eating delicious, fattening foods.

Hello Rapid Fat Loss

On day 3, your body will start to consume its extra fat supply. When you eat, it will go after those fats as well. Many people losing anywhere from 7 to 14 pounds in the first two weeks of the low carb diet.

Low Carb Meal Plans

It’s a good idea to plan ahead for the first week of meals when you’re starting a low carb diet. Here are two sample meal plans from Atkins to take you through a solid week.
Atkins 20 Carbs per Day Meal Plan
Atkins 20 Carb Meal Plan
Atkins 40 Carbs per Day Meal Plan
Atkins 40 Carb Meal Plan

Days 8-14

After the first week, you’ll really feel a new energy, feel more lively and even tempered. Your sugar-rush highs and lows will be gone, any shakiness when you’re hungry will go away.
This is a good time to try low carb versions of your old favorite meals. Continue eating high fat and tracking your progress.
Don’t forget to measure again on Day 14 to see the inches you’ve lost.

After the First Two Weeks

We start a low carb diet with two weeks of intensive training. By the third week, we understand all the basics:

  • Our kitchen is clear of junk food and high carb foods.
  • We’re drinking 8 glasses of water a day.
  • We know which foods are good for us, and which ones pretend to be nutritious.

Track Your Progress

When you check your measurements every few weeks, you’ll be quite impressed. Keep taking photos, videos or measurements every few weeks. Seeing progress “on paper” is very motivating.
The scale is a good tracking device, but inches tell the whole story.

Set New Low Carb Goals

It’s time to set up a realistic weight loss goal, based on the first two weeks. Decide how long you will need to reach your goal weight.
If you are enjoying the food choices from the first two weeks, you may stay at Induction levels (20 carbs or less/day) to lose weight more quickly.

Begin Maintenance – Eat More Carbs

Once you’ve reached your target healthy weight, you’re ready to go on to maintenance.
This is the fun part:
Slowly increase your total carb amount by 5 to 10 grams each week. As you do, your weight loss will slow.
Eventually, your body reaches a “balance point” where you aren’t losing any more weight, but you aren’t gaining it either.

Optimize Your Diet

It doesn’t take long to learn about low carb foods and how to eat them. If you’re ready for a new challenge, try these seven tricks to make your low carb diet ideal.

Get Support from Atkins

Order your free low carb quick start kit from Atkins! It includes the Atkins Start Guide, sample low carb menus, a free carb counter, 3 full size Atkins bars, coupons, low carb recipes and info about the free Atkins Tracker App.
The kit also includes a $3 rebate for The New Atkins for a New You Workbook.
new atkins workbook
Tracking progress is the key to success. This step-by-step guide makes it easier than ever to follow Atkins. The Atkins workbook includes grocery shopping guides, food lists and tracking tools.
New Atkins for a New You cookbook
The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook features 200 delicious low carb meals, ready in 30 minutes or less.