Banting Diet, Everything You Need to Know – DO NOT Bant Until You Read This…

Mid 2015 only 2 Banting Diet Restaurant were open in South Africa, Today they are scattered around the whole country. It’s obvious to why.. This Banting Lifestyle works!
Woolsworth, a grocery store recognized as selling organic food in South Africa has taken notice of the recent craze and now just like hundreds of other restaurants around the country has offered their own range of Banting diet products.
This makes it easier to follow the diet as selecting foods at a grocery store for the diet has become effortless.
Below I have written an article on everything you need to know on this new craze, the Banting diet!

Banting Diet, What is it?

The banting diet is based around a LCHF (Low carb high fat) diet that was introduced by a Dr William Harvey who resided In London in 1861. He was the first one who bought about the diet this is why the banting diet is also known as the Harvey diet named after its founder. Dr Harvey has always said that this diet is right for him as he is a CR (Carb Resistant) person. His diet soon caught on and everyone that has begun this incredible way of life swears by the result. People not only lost weight but felt a lot healthier over all.
One thing to make note of it that the Banting Diet turns out not to be a diet at all, but rather a way of life that allows us to enjoy that fat on our steaks and butter in our gem squashed all while losing amazing amounts of fat.
The Diet works best for people people who are Carbohydrate Intolerant.
Signs that you may be carbohydrate intolerant..
Signs that you may be carbohydrate intolerant..

  • If your weight fluctuates all the time• If you struggle to control those nasty sugar and carbohydrate cravings
  • Are you one of those that gain weight extremely easily?
  • Do you find you are Starving the first thing in the morning?
  • Would you categorize yourself as an emotional eater?
    • Do sugary and starchy meals cause you to feel foggy or sleepy?
    • Do you find that you feel extremely irritable in the evenings?
    • Do you feel a lot more emotional prior to having your periods?
    • Do you gain weight around your waist instead of your hips and thighs?

    Banting Diet VS Paleo Diet

  • Banting Diet VS Paleo Diet

    To begin, lets first focus on their similarities, both diets are evolved around the same LCHF principle, they both promote the idea that a high intake of fat and protein is much healthier than your standard way of life and that organic food is much healthier than todays processed foods. All natural food such as animal fats, chicken, nuts and seeds, vegetables and natural oils are looked on favourably in this diet. Both these diets primarily exclude foods such as sugars, starch or other processed foods etc.

Some of the Differences Include:
The Paleo Diet Is geared more towards eating in a way our ancestors did before agricultural methods were founded, it focuses on natural foods such as animals, berries, fruits, veggies. Although Potatoes and rice are not initially allowed on the paleo diet, it slowly introduces them later on to test if your line of ancestral past has evolved your body to accept these foods. In the Paleo diet it is all about finding out what your body can acts favourably towards. Milk on the Paleo diet is initially done away with completely, but again can be re-instated to see how your body reacts to it.
The banting diet is more of a new age Paleo diet In a sense, foods that are produced post agricultural can be consumed freely. The biggest difference is that in the banting diet it is thought that fructose found in fruit is a powerful carbohydrate therefore fruit is banned in the diet completely. In the banting diet milk is looked upon favourably and is seen as a high form of nutrients.
Apart from that, the one other major difference is the ratios between the two diets. The Paleo diet introduces a slightly higher percentage of carbohydrate intakes than the Banting diet mainly due to the Fruits being consumed.
Both diets are extremely effective and their effects on weight loss are Factual.

Benefits of the Banting Diet:

The reported benefits of the Banting diet have been nothing short of amazing, this diet seems to have changed the lives of thousands of people and has even helped people manage some chronicle illnesses.
Going into all Benefits would deserve an article for itself but to name a few more popular benefits:

  • People report getting better night’s sleep which helps their mood drastically.
  • At first carb cravings are high but as your body gets over the initial shock people carbohydrate cravings disappear completely.
  • Fat is known to give you a fuller feeling after a meal therefore People get less hungry and therefore don’t feel the need to eat as often.
  • The overall feeling of well-being increases drastically as your life begins to change.

General Outline of the Banting Diet:

General Foods Allowed:
Avo, low carb fruit, any dairy (yes even cream), leafy green vegetables, eggs, meat with fat (who’s complaining) Fish and many more.
General Foods to Avoid:
Potatoes, high carb vegetables like pea, anything artificial, sugar, bread, oats, pasta etc

A Typical day in the Banting Diet

A typical day in the life of a banting Diet will be like the following:
As you can see although you have to get rid of those delicious carbs, it helps knowing that you can replace it with foods like bacon and steak.
Banting Breakfast:
Bacon and eggs with spinach and feta
Banting Lunch:
Chicken and Avo salad, tomatoes, seeds, nuts drizzled with olive oil
Banting Dinner:
Grilled pork ribs with eggplant & feta salad
Strawberries and cream

Banting Diet Tips and Tricks

Achieving success during the diet will be difficult at first, however, there are many tips and tricks you can use in the diet to help you succeed.
Take away the Temptation: First thing you want to do is replace your normal house hold snacks into foods you are actually allowed to eat. Remove all sweets and chips and replace them with healthier snacks that taste just as good like nuts, biltong, cream cheese, pickles, olives and the sorts. There are thousands of options to snack on, make them quick and easy to kill any cravings that might arise.
Keep Occupied: Boredom sparks cravings, it has and always will. If ou recognise this it will help you control it, when you find you are bored and hunger slowly creeps in, find something to keep you busy, these is even more important in the beginning stages when those carb cravings will be at their worst. Dehydration also causes hunger, make sure you get at least six to 8 glasses of water in daily.
Eat Before you go Shopping: Ever walked into a grocery store while dying for a packet of chips? Chances are you’ll throw that first bag of chips you see straight into your trolley. It’s simple to avoid this, have a big hearty meal before stepping foot into that grocery store. Full up on a nice juicy steak and egg with a side of broccoli and cheese sauce. Doesn’t sound too bad right? I Didn’t think so.
Avoid “Low fat” Items at Grocery Store: Its nothing but a clever marketing strategy, companies will sell off their food as “low fat” but forget to mention that the reduction of fat is replaced with more sugars, when shopping you want to avoid these foods because they tend to have the most carbs in them. Look for items such as “full fat “or “full cream”, these are the more organic items of food filled with the fat you’ll need to sustain your metabolism through the diet.
Oil can change with heat: First off be cautious about the type of oil you use, you want to be using healthy oils such as Olive oil. After saying this, be mindful that most oils oxidize during the heating process and release harmful compounds. There are oils that are resistant to heat such as Coconut oil.
List of Healthy cooking oil in order:

  1. coconut oil (Should be your first option, can be used for extreme heat cooking)
  2. Butter (Burns easily with high heat, great for low heat cooking)
  3. Olive Oil (Do not use for frying, use for low heat cooking)
  4. Animal Fats (Varies between animal types, organic raised animals tend to be better for cooking)
  5. Palms Oil
  6.  Avocado Oil (Generally the same as olive oil)

DO NOT use for cooking:

  1. Fish Oil
  2.  Flax Oil
  3.  Canola Oil
  4.  Vegetable or seed oils

Butter is Great:  We’ve been bought up being told that margarine is healthier than butter, this is just not the case! Butter is a lot healthier and filled with nutrients than margarine is, margarine is made from processed seed oils that contain very little nutritional value. General rule of thumb is use butter!

Banting Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Being too scared to eat Fat
As a kid we’ve always been told that fat makes you fat, the most difficult thing to come to terms to is that fat is not the main culprit for weight gain, the problem is carbohydrates.
Since you are eliminating carbs, your body needs another source of energy, and on the banting diet this energy comes from fat therefore it is important that you get enough fat while being on the diet. Not getting enough energy can be detrimental to your metabolism and hamper results.
So make sure you eat that fat on your steak!!
Too many Carbohydrates
The truth is there are hidden carbs all over the place, many people forget to count carbs that could be found in sauces which unfortunately usually has a very large sugar content. It may be easy taking this account when making your own food, but it’s much more difficult when eating out at restaurants.
So Be Aware of those Evil little Carbohydrate Critters
Keeping It Boring
So many people get into the habit of eating the same meals every single day..this un doubty gets extremely boring and becomes almost impossible to maintain.
Be creative, find recipes online and make it fun. After all this is more of an lifestyle therefore make it enjoyable, the possibilities of the types of foods you can enjoy are endless. You can even make desserts delicious enough that you forget you are even on a diet.
Don’t be lazy…make it fun!
Oh those cheat days..
It’s extremely easy to be carried away while being away with friends and ordering a milk shake or sneaking some sugar into your coffee…or even worse, ever tried sticking to your diet while drinking? Almost impossible, alcohol makes you careless, careless enough to get a few quarter pounders and cheese down your neck while driving home. Always try and remain conscious of the new lifestyle you are trying to adapt, in the beginning this can be difficult but give it time, it’ll become second nature before you know it.
Yes you should be Exercising, sigh…
You should always be exercising, doesn’t matter what disabilities you have, doesn’t matter how many limbs you have missing or how old you are. Your body always needs to remain active to a certain degree of course, it doesn’t matter what diet you use or fad pill you wash down your neck, doing some form of exercise, any form.. at least 3 times a week is key to not just losing weight, but just gaining that over all feeling of well-being.
Patience Is Key
It really is, to anything in life really. Don’t expect to see results instantly, like all good things in life it takes effort and TIME. Keep your mind off of the number of days before eating your last K.F.C, rather focus on day to day living, one day you’ll wake up and look into the mirror and think where the hell did my other half go?!
Watch Out for Dehydration
Food eaten on the banting diet naturally contains more sodium and protein, these foods casues dehydration therefore make sure you are drinking enough water.  Six to eight glasses of water each day is usually enough.
Banting diet Negativity
Don’t believe it, the worst thing you can do before starting a new diet is google “does the diet work”. Negative media grabs attention which is why their articles rise to the top of google.
Lest do a test, if a diet works for you how likely are you to post your result online? 9/10 of you won’t, its human nature, you’ll enjoy the results and continue with your life. Now let’s try the opposite. Let’s say you hated a diet and you thought it was useless, its human nature to complain so therefore 7/10 of you will post your negative experience. Even though the diet worked for the majority of people, the majority of negative reviews make it online.
The only way of knowing for sure is by trying the banting diet yourself.

Banting Restaurants in South Africa

Restaurants around the country have made it easier to stick to your diet even while going out with friends.
Below is a list of some of the best Restaurants that have a Paleo Menu in South Africa.

Banting Restaurants in Johannesburg
Windmill on Main
54 Main Road, Midrand.
Col’Cacchio Pizzeria
Shop 23 World Wear Centre.
Craft Restaurant
33 4th Ave.
Cafe Bellini
204 Elston Ave, Western Extension, Benoni.
JB Rivers
shop MM51, Hyde park corner.
Pizza Del Forno
Farrarmere Shopping Centre. 20 Sheridan Road. Cnr Bayley Road. Farrarmere, Benoni.
Red Door Cafe
26,5th Avenue, Edenvale.
The Fat Zebra
72 7th Street, Randburg.
Paputzis Coffee House and Art Gallery
69 Fourth Ave, Linden, Randburg.
Banting Restaurants in Pretoria
Pure Cafe
137 Thompson Street.
1 Meerlust Street, The Willows.
Isiphiwo Boutique Hotel
31 Mountain Drive.
Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza
676 Chamberlain Street.
Anjas Tea Garden
Plot 21 Lynnwood Road.
Craft Restaurant
33 4th Ave.
Banting Restaurants in George
Travel Bugs
111 York Street
Banting Restaurants in Bloemfontien
Loch Logan
Waterfront mall.
Banting Restaurants in Port Elizabeth
Grass Roof
Heron Rd, Sardinia Bay
Brioche Food and Coffee Banting Diet Menu
181 Main Road, Walmer.
Banting Restaurants in Petermarizburg
Coffeeberry Cafe
Cascades Shopping Centre, 19 Cascades Centre.
Banting Restaurants in Umhloti
Mundo Vida
1 South Beach Road

The Three Most Dangerous Myths About ADHD

Don’t believe everything you think!

October is ADHD Awareness Month. But if you’ve been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or strongly suspect you or your child has it, or care about someone else who has it, any time of the year is the right time to pay attention to the three most popular—and dangerous—myths about this extraordinarily prevalent disorder. They’re dangerous because they can dissuade people from getting the treatment they need, while also depleting self-esteem, which when ADHD is present, is already likely to be precarious.
So here they are—and let’s understand and abandon them, once and for all:
1. It doesn’t exist
More than any other mental or for that matter physical disorder, ADHD is often portrayed as a handy excuse for rude children, lazy parents, and pill-poppers. Granted, ADHD is often over-diagnosed, just as it is also often not diagnosed when it should be. In the case of an authentic diagnosis, however, ADHD is a strongly genetic neurobiological condition that is strongly linked to all sorts of serious impairments, from anxietydepression, and drug addiction to higher rates of academic and professional failures, traffic accidents, and divorces. People who struggle with serious distraction deserve empathy and support, not suspicion and sarcasm.
2. It’s just for kids
ADHD certainly does affect a lot of American children. At last count, 6.4 million youth, approximately one in nine children from age 4 to 17, have received a diagnosis. Yet the fastest-growing rates of increase in diagnoses are now among seriously distracted adults, the majority of whom have yet to be identified or treated. Researchers estimate that roughly half of those affected with ADHD continue to struggle into adulthood, meaning that close to 10 million adults are eligible for diagnosis. Even as millions of these adults remain untreated, the pharmaceutical firm Shire recently reported that adults surpassed children in taking medication for the disorder, accounting for some 53 percent of prescriptions.
3. Medication solves the problem
There is no silver bullet for ADHD. The idea that stimulant medications might solve the problem was supported by a huge federal study, published in 1999, which found that the pills appeared to be the best single solution for reducing symptoms.  Less publicized was the fact that a combination of medication with behavior therapy worked best of all to promote social and academic skills. And another relatively little-noticed development was follow-up research several years later, when the participants were in their twenties, which  showed that the initial medication advantage had significantly diminished.
Human error helps explain that problem: Most kids simply won’t take the pills indefinitely. That’s only partly because the medications often come with side-effects that can include insomnia, loss of appetite, and irritability. Researchers have found that people of all ages typically have trouble sticking with all sorts of chronic medication, even for cancer.
At the same time, there’s truth in the familiar adage that pills don’t teach skills. There’s simply no avoiding the hard work of learning strategies to curb impulsivity and train one’s focus. And of course that’s just part of the job. Managing ADHD can take a lifetime of learning, including working harder than most mortals on self-awareness and relationships and making sure to cultivate good habits to fight stress, such as regular exercise. The good news is that such work often pays off—at which point you can start to enjoy all the extra energy, spontaneity, and, often, exceptional creativity that can accompany this vexingly double-edged disorder.

Lose 5 kilos in 1 week with Cucumber Diet

Cucumbers are an essential food to any healthy diet. Not only are cucumbers nutritional, but they are also great for making you feel full, since they are a vegetable, and are thus full of dietary fibers. Eating cucumbers every week is also great for cleaning your gastrointestinal tract, and they can stimulate your metabolism.

Lose 5 kilos in 1 week with cucumber diet

A diet that provides about 5 weight loss in a process like 1 week is therefore quite popular. The most fundamental principle of the diet is; It is based on the consumption of the people who are hungry at any time and especially for the occasional meal. The constantly consumed cucumber keeps the stomach full with abundant water content and allows people to eat much less by having a sense of hunger during the diet period.
Day 1
Morning: 250 grams yogurt, 4 spoons oats, 2 dried figs
Snack: 2 cucumbers
Noon: Cacik made of cottage yogurt, 4 cucumbers, 1 slice rye bread
Refreshments: 4 cucumbers, 2 Kiwis
Evening: 4 cucumbers, tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella cheese, 1 slice of rye bread.
Day 2
Morning: Lean tongue cheese and a glass of lemon, honey water
Noon: 1 Slice of fried rye bread, boiled pumpkin (ground beef can be added)
Evening: 1 boiled egg, 2 cucumbers, 2 green peppers
Night: 2 cucumbers
Day 3
Morning: cheese, a glass of honey and lemon water
Snack: 2 cucumbers
Lunch: A bowl of green lentils
Evening: A bowl of Cacik (must contain plenty of cucumbers) and two pieces of walnut
Night: A handful of chickpeas and 2 cucumbers
You must consume 2 cucumbers at night before bedtime
Day 4
Morning:  4 spoons oats, 2 dried figs, 250 grams yogurt,
Snack: 2 cucumbers
Noon: Cacik made of cottage yogurt, 4 cucumbers, 1 slice rye bread
Refreshments: 4 cucumbers, 2 Kiwis
Evening: 4 cucumbers, tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella cheese, 1 slice of rye bread.
Day 5
Morning: Lean tongue cheese and a glass of lemon, honey water
Noon: 1 Slice of fried rye bread, boiled pumpkin (ground beef can be added)
Evening: 1 boiled egg, 2 cucumbers, 2 green peppers
Night: 2 cucumbers
Day 6
Morning: 1 glass of honey and lemon water, cheese
Snack: 2 cucumbers
Lunch: A bowl of green lentils
Evening: A bowl of Cacik (must contain plenty of cucumbers) and two pieces of walnut
Night: A handful of chickpeas and 2 cucumbers
You must consume 2 cucumbers at night before bedtime
Day 7
Morning: 1 glass of honey and lemon water, cheese
Snack: 2 cucumbers
Lunch: A bowl of green lentils
Evening: A bowl of Cacik (must contain plenty of cucumbers) and two pieces of walnut
Night: A handful of chickpeas and 2 cucumbers
You must consume 2 cucumbers at night before bedtime
Before bedtime, you should eat 0.5 liters of water and 200 g of yogurt, 2 cucumbers, 1 Kiwis.



It’s the gift giving season and if you have a chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis, you deserve presents most of all, because stuff can’t cure MS, but it sure can make it suck less.
The unconventional gifts people with chronic illness actually want.
Gift-giving when MS is involved can be challenging. What to get the person who has everything a debilitating brain disease? One year, The Banker temporarily lost his mind and gave me an enormous, Barney-coloured heated blanket, and I cried all the way to Christmas dinner. My love language is jewel-toned, but on like actual jewels. I hated that blanket so bad, and not just because it looked like a deflated cartoon dinosaur – I hated it because it was a sick-person present.
Wow, you’re a spoiled sucky baby. A heated blanket is a pretty thoughtful gift for someone who’s cold all the time.
You’re not wrong. But just because I have MS doesn’t mean I’m not vain and superficial, preferring romantic gifts over practical ones. If the Barney blanket had come from anyone other than The Banker, I would have hated it less. 
I mean, probably. I really can’t stress just how purple it was.
I know The Banker’s intention was to warm me up, but his choice of present didn’t feel like I was the sexy wife he wanted to drown in perfume and drape in diamonds; it felt like I was the shivering consumptive he wanted to cover with a polyester tarp.
Obviously I need therapy, and maybe you do too. But therapy is expensive, and this gift guide is free. You won’t find crossword puzzles, mugs filled with hard candies, festive epsom salts, or any other geriatric gifts here. Christmas is a time for reckless indulgence; a time for drinking too much champagne, and putting pickles in trees; it is not a time for gifts that remind me I’m aging in dog years.
Here are my top picks of the best, Tripper-approved gifts you didn’t even know you needed Santa to bring you this year.
1. Clean Hair
Showering is hard, and the last thing I ever wanna do after risking my life in that slippery, upright, future-coffin is lift a blow-dryer to my head. Whether you have heat sensitivity, balance problems, muscle weakness, fatigue, or any and all of the above, showering requires scheduling and recovery time. Having someone else wash and dry my hair is a weekly luxury that feels like an energy-freeing life-changer.
Gift: Blow-dry package from a local salon.
2. Buy Me A Drink
Every basic bitch’s chronic illness gift guide is gonna have tea on it. But do not come at me with a tired old box from the Hasty Market. I want fancy tea that comes with a tin and stern instructions not to over-steep it. This green tea is a major splurge, which makes it the perfect gift, because it’s the kind of thing you might not buy for yourself. Also, it comes from the tears of real dragons, or your money back (I assume).
Gift: Jasmine Dragon Tears Tea, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, seven dollar lattes.
Good enough to bust out the wedding china.
3. Decision-Free Days
Do you ever feel like you will literally die one hour before dinner because you have no idea what to make and making that decision will end you, so you just stare at your phone for 157 minutes hoping Siri can figure it out, but she’s actually a useless cow, so you end up eating two saltines and an unwrapped Lifesaver you found at the bottom of your purse, before going to bed in your clothes?
There is science to back up the theory that we have a limited amount of decisions in us per day, and that number is, for sure, lower if you have MS.
Subscription services are all the rage because they save time and energy. You only have to choose how you want to stock your fridge or freezer once a month instead of every damn day.
Gift: Food Box. My local favourites are Plan B Organic Farm and Butcher Box.
Festive bells will distract your best frenemy from the fact that you just gave them cabbage and called it a present.
4. Take-Out
Last night, The Banker told me how much he loved the turkey stroganoff I’d made for dinner. And I said, do you like it more than you like having sex? He didn’t feel safe answering, but the point is, if I’m making dinner I’m not making anything else. Dinner comes at a hard time of day, and no matter how much I’ve paced myself, I’ve already drained my battery.
Gift: Gift cards to delivery services likeSkip The Dishes or Foodora will free up your evening for more interesting pursuits.
I’m all toasty inside.
5. Can I Get A Ride Share?
Whether MS has messed with your ability to drive, you’re sick of being the DD, or your outfit is too fancy for the bus to handle, having access to transportation provides major liberation. In cities like Toronto you can even get a wheelchair accessible Uber (WAV), or Uber Assist which offers independently trained drivers to help seniors or persons with disabilities. 
Gift: Ride service gift card.
6. Books You Don’t Have To Read
Vision loss is a real thing for many with MS, and if you’re struggling to see, e-readers are great for letting you choose a font that most people could see from space. If holding a device and moving your eyes is still too much,Audible is a great way to get learned and kill all those hours in the infusion room without the risk of paper cuts. Isn’t it great to live in the future?
Gift: E-reader, Audible subscription.
Nobody needs to know you’re reading about the sisterhood. Again.
7. Clean Base Boards
MS fatigue can interfere with your ability to stay on top of your laundry and your lunch prep, and even if you’re able to do some tidying and light housework, for many with MS, the deep clean is too daunting to ever truly get done. If you’ve only got energy for one thing a day, it shouldn’t have to be scrubbing the toilet. 
Gift: Gift certificate for housekeeping/cleaning service.
8. If You Can’t Hide It, Decorate It
Chances are you need a briefcase to hold all your MS meds and supplements, but you also need a smaller vessel to shlep around whatever meds you might need to get you through the day. Opening your clutch or man-bag and pulling out an orange plastic bottle just feels so…medical.
Gift: A pretty pill-case is a gift you can find at any price point. I’m currently coveting this one I found on Etsy.
Hold up. I’m a dude. This is starting to feel like a chick’s list.
9. Regularity
If you’re a dude and you’re still reading this, and wondering what the heck Santa is supposed to bring you, remember that housework is also your responsibility. But if that’s not enough to get you excited, the Squatty Potty® will. I know what you’re thinking, this feels 100% like a sick person present. But that’s where you’re wrong, because according to my niece Abigail,Everybody Poops. It just might take a little more creativity when you’ve got MS.
Gift: Squatty Potty.
It’s a stool for your stool!
10. Hang Out
Technically, spending time with me doesn’t count as a gift, so make sure you bring lunch or a bottle of wine, maybe bake some cookies. Better still, take me Christmas shopping and offer to carry my shit, and rest at every bench. Or offer to push me in one of the wheelchairs you can borrow from the mall.
Gift: You being cool, and me not having to ask for awkward things.
11. Walk The Dog
If you’re looking for creative ways to say Happy Festivus, a commitment to walking the dog on the snowiest of snow days, or to scooping the cat litter on any day – because gross – is an energy saving gift that has the added bonus of providing you and yours with an extra chance to see each other during the week. 
Gift: Pet Care.
Who wouldn’t want to hang with this bitch?
12. Cure It
The best gift anyone with MS could ever receive would be to not have MS, obvi. Despite the tremendous developments in MS treatments, we must not get the impression that MS is under control. It’s not.  
Gift: Make a donation to an organization that supports persons with MS, or that funds MS research. I like what they’re doing at Tisch.
Having Multiple Sclerosis means managing a constant personal energy crisis. All the time, I hear from loved ones who wish they could help. While you can’t fix MS (and black market prednisone is not a sustainable option), there are ways you can help extend the battery life of someone with a chronic illness, freeing up precious resources to spend on the things that really matter, like watching cat videos on Youtube, Google Earthing your boss’s house, or reading ridiculous blogs. 
Happy Holidays, Trippers. I hope Santa is good to you.