Ketogenic is not a free for all

This might hurt. It might ketogenic sting. But I don’t mean it to.
You might think I am being judgmental. But I’m not.
You may not like me much after this article. But I hope I’m wrong about that.
But I am going to say what I feel needs to be said, anyway, since I am a tough love kind of gal.
If you are one of those people who is gaining weight doing Ketogenic, you’re likely doing something wrong.
I see posts from people, frequently, where they say they aren’t losing or they have gained. When they are asked what they are eating their answers are vague.
First of all, it’s possible they are either including foods that they shouldn’t be or they are unknowingly eating non-keto foods.
Although, it’s very likely that they are possibly being unreasonable about their portions. They are likely eating way too much food. If you’re eating two plates of crack slaw just because it is “ketogenic legal” then that is going to hold you back.
Ketogenic isn’t a free for all.  When you over fuel your body it needs to be used up, or it is stored. It is possible to gain weight doing Ketogenic, in fact you can adjust your macros for weight gain, but it requires eating A LOT of food.
I think it’s possible, in the cases of people gaining weight on ketogenic, is that they are still eating a lot of food because 1) that is what they are used to as carb/sugar addicts, endlessly feeling ravenous and eating a lot and eating frequently and 2) they eat a lot because they haven’t discovered true hunger and satisfaction yet.
As overweight and obese people who are insulin resistant, our appetites were off the charts before Ketogenic. Oh, we tried to fool others and ourselves by making statements like, “I really don’t eat that much.”  We also might carry that behavior with us when we first go Keto, because we don’t know any other way. Ketogenic, when done correctly, will reduce our appetite. Quit force feeding yourself and quit stuffing yourself just because what you are eating now is healthier.
Keto isn’t a license to overeat. If you are in fact not losing or you are gaining here is what I suggest you do:

    1. Remove all sugar and grains

This means no fruit and no so called “low carb” tortilla wraps.

    1. Don’t eat keto junk food

I’m including bars, shakes, sugar free candies, jello, and pudding. Don’t make keto desserts, especially if you are new this lifestyle. Those things should be reserved for special occasions and when you are close to or at goal.

    1. Limit nuts and berries

Limit them to, like, almost never. If you are one of those people who can’t eat just one or a reasonable serving of nuts, then cut them out until you get to maintenance mode. (FYI- maintenance mode is the forever stall -again it’s hard to gain weight on Keto – easy to maintain)
IF you are doing regular “sweet eating,” keto style, and you are new to keto, this is a mistake. Yes, they are low-carb, yes they are “allowed,” but if you are not seeing results then they should go. Not just for results purposes, but also because transferring bad behavior to keto will still cause you to have a dysfunctional relationship with food.
Ketogenic is a lifestyle and you’re going to have to get rid of your old habits. You can’t continue to overeat just because the food you’re eating is keto legal.
When you are new to keto it is best to stay away from carb replacements. If you feed cravings, just like stray cats, they will never go away. Save the sweet treats for special occasions and when you are close to or at goal.
You have to choose – do you want health? Do you want the weight to come off? Do you want to get off meds? If you do, then you need to act like it. Change your ways.
Listen to your body and it will listen to you.

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